Deter argues with Street Preachers at the Reason Rally 2016 – VIDEO


See Full version here:

This is part of a conversation I had with a number of vocal preachers/religious crowd at the Reason Rally this year along with many other atheists (including AronRa) as you can see.

Note the police, although annoying, did in fact have every right to break up that conversation. we were taking up a large part of the sidewalk on the way to various memorials. So dont make this a big thing against cops, they had a lot to deal with that day.


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Jamie Gunter

good shit. keep it up deter

Deconverted Man

Cop: "Okay, I just want to break up any possible argument" (ie, fighting with more then just words)
Presup guy :"Ah, you presuppose you want to do that!"
Cop: "….and your under arrest."
Presup guy: "AH HA! Who's reality mine or yours?!"
Cop: puts on handcuffs on Presup guy
Presup guy: "Cuffs go on, cuffs go off, YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT!!11 GOD! GOD IS EVERYHEERRRRRRR!1111"
…And scene.

Sexy Niqqa

How tall are you? You seem to tower everyone lol

Deconverted Man

Cool RA is right there! Also pre-sup… ugghhhh.

Christopher Brzezinski

Talk about trying to jump through hoops

Sepp Huber

that sounds like a very heated conversation

Cookie Nibz

Street preachers have no interest in truth, only a interest in a crowd. They aren't hearing /answering a thing. Some of the most dishonest people you will ever meet. Kudos to & Aron ra for keeping cool. Think I would have put my palm through my head.