Dialogue Over Division – Lord Ashdown & Maajid Nawaz


Watch Quilliam International’s founder, Maajid Nawaz, and the former leader of the Liberal Democrats Lord Ashdown engage in a dialogue over division and the importance of listening to those voices of reform and progressive voices within minority communities.



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Vulkan Of Nocturne

I disagree that UKIP is particularly racist or against any demographic. All UKIP policiy I've heard with regard to Islam seems like common sense to me.

David Ward

They are not far right, opposing the expansion of a totalitarian/authoritarian ideology will never be far right. Islam has far more in common with the far right than the people that oppose it.

We are Empty Without Brain

This is a grossly unfair assessment of people who are in favour of groups like the SNP and UKIP. Conflict is necessary for progress in a pluralistic society. It involves all speakers to have an equal platform to share their concerns.

To imply division is wrong is to deflect from the actual challenge. Engage with the challenges and reasons why people object then you can identify the issues and resolve them together. To summarize communication is key.


UKIP is now the Liberal party


I’m sorry, but this is very shallow and simplistic.


Stop the raping thousands of kufar children and apply the law evenly, if you believe what you say. This is a crisis of inept governance. But of course, we wouldn't want to fix that, would 'we'.


I do agree a lot of the working class from the majority ethnic group have been ignored by those in power n media who have often ridiculed them ie Little Britain and their voices and opinions should be heard and we should debate these issues as a country However the progressive Muslims have been drowned out since 1970’s who warned not only Islamic coubtries like Pakistan about the insidious influence of Wahhabism but also the west But money talked and we were ignored until terrorism came to our shores Now we the ones who love the uk and warned about… Read more »