Darkmatter2525: Disgruntled Royalty – VIDEO


We are the disgruntled royalty, ungrateful, because we’re ignorant of our grand status.

The day before I uploaded this animation, I uploaded a commentary video to answer possible objections or questions about it. It also explains my reasons/experiences that led to creating this animation, which was a tremendous amount of work. So, if you care to voice your disagreement, at least try to understand from where I’m coming, and why I’ve created this animation. Thanks. That video is on my DarkAntics channel if you care to watch it, linked here:

Royalty-Free Music used:
“Satellite” by Stellardrone
“Hard Work is a Distant Memory” by Master of the Subway Ninjas

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  1. Wonderful video. Disturbing and, at the same time, awesome. I expect this will haunt me for a while.

  2. I watched this and the on on your antics channel and in none of them you adress the obvious hypocrisy of making a video that basically features a long list of complaints how we are ungrateful of live in such blessed times, which basically makes you just another ungrateful soul. I know your motive was to rekindle appreciation. but arent you guilty of the same lack of appreciation considering you have so many nitpicks about the modern world. I for one am fairly pleased with my live, I don't think I am ungrateful. besides being complecant isn't the ideal state of mind,striving for more is a good thing as it leads to progress.

  3. dude, I love your work. but, the voice on this sounds like its been wrapped up in a blanket and very difficult to understand. I have done and still do sound for a living. you might want to take a good neutral listen to this and …dare I say, fix the audio so its a bit more intelligible. tweek the mid and highs a bit? hope this critisizme is taken in the correct way. cheers&aloha

  4. nice to see you got away from the hole religion vs atheism stuff, nice video 😀 keep it up!

  5. Insanity Wolf: Humanity has fallen and can't get up… FINISH IT!
    Anyway I'm one of those rare moronic atheists who believes good and evil are not subjective. I believe we don't know what good and evil are entirely and that the argument that they are subjective is simply our best answer to a difficult question. I believe true happiness is obtained by obtaining true goodness which is what unifies society on a small or large scale making things like technology irrelevant to happiness/satisfaction for the most part. The good news in regards to technology is that I believe it brings society closer than it does divide us. Therefore, despite our complaining, we are happier than we were say 1,000 years ago.
    I believe one day goodness will be able to be defined with near 100% accuracy. Who knows? Maybe it's just in the nature of things in general, two pieces of matter are attracted to each other by way of gravity. ¯(ツ)/¯ who knows how it'll be answered? My money's on science being able to one day create the theory of morality.

  6. This was fantastic. In a world where we all have ADHD and everything is about being constantly entertained, it's nice when a slow, thoughtful 14-minute video can captivate me and have me arrested in front of my screen. This one will stick with me a while, I think.

  7. On many levels I like this video and its message, but for me it skirts uncomfortably to the rhetoric of the current trend of denying that social problems exist at all. #BlackLivesMatter? You're saying black people in the US are disproportionately brutalized by police? No, you need to be told ALL lives matter. At least there isn't segregation anymore, there is no legal discrimination so there's NO discrimination ever at all. You should be grateful, you should be HAPPY with the way things are. There are no problems but the ones you cause by pointing out there's a problem.

    Women still see double standards in society in their every day lives and voice these issues? Hey at least you can vote, at least you can have jobs, custody, the draft, there is no legal discrimination so there's NO discrimination ever at all. You should be grateful, you should be HAPPY with the way things are. There are no problems but the ones you cause by pointing out there's a problem.

  8. This is an amazing video, Incredibly well written and executed. Something I'm glad to say is that thanks to the collection of knowledge by humanity through media like books, this sort of world can never exist again. Outside of the total extinction of humanity, we will never lose the majority of our knowledge and civilized abilities. Regardless, this is a very worthy message for people to see.

  9. I'd like to think I can appreciate what I have a lot of the time, of course it's hard to do all the time. But part of my unhappiness and dissatisfaction is that I can see what is in this video as the future ahead of us unless we change course, and it scares me. It's frustrating when people don't listen because I feel like I'm trying to save their life, save them from that future but they just ignore me. I want to save everyone, I want to save the world, I don't want to be rich or famous or whatever, and it's depressing people can't see what I see ;_;

  10. This shocked me actually..because that is what seems to be on the agenda at the moment.

    Yesterday I was similarly shocked when researching the Calhoun Mice Experiment and the Behavioural Sink where at the end the colonies reach maximum size then went extinct every time with only Beautiful Ones left at the end..that's actually where we are at right now!!

    And Childhood's End on Syfy…makes you think.

  11. "but by far the worst of us, were those hypocrites that demanded freedom for themselves, but conformity for others"…. I am talking to you regressive left.

  12. Wow you set the bar fairly high with this video… does this mean you wont be back for another 3 years ??? Seriously though – I also miss your more light hearted work- with less ominous undertones, and fun. Damn – seems like you poured your heart into this one even more so than usual!

  13. I always eagerly await your videos. Nicely done, the animations have came a long way and your points are always spot on. Will be sharing this one.

  14. plz try to put subtitles ! NON- English speakers would understand the dialog better 🙂
    and thank you

  15. this has a very good message, but the voice was so boring that it was hard to pay attention

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