1. I was thinking of starting a regular series with God and Jeffery, complete
    with connected episodes and seasons. What do you think of this idea, and
    what is your opinion on the direction it should take?

  2. I find it absolutely ridiculous for anyone to make a CLAIM against the
    existence of something or somebody that they are clueless about in the
    first place…

    Before MARS was discovered by Humans; even though some claimed to believe
    that other Planets existed in outer space; which such belief was considered
    Blasphemy by the Scholars, Scientist ; so called Atheist, of their day…

    Just because an Atheist lacks the comprehension skill today; may not mean
    they will lack the comprehension skills tomorrow…

    This video LACKS integrity and understanding in REALITY…

    Let me explain:

    Remember in school where you have a Circle of about 25 people and then you
    have 4 separate groups like that.

    Thus in total you have 100 People…

    Now the Teacher WRITES down a small sentence; like ((( The Car is Red )))
    and whispers that small sentence to ONLY One person; and the first person
    writes what was told to them and turns the paper over, then whispers the
    exact same words to the next person.., etc.., in all 4 groups telling the
    Last person of each Group to WRITE DOWN what they were told as the last
    person in the Whisper Chain.

    Each chain represents different Societies across the world and also,
    represent the change in Historical time, from long ago in the past up to
    the present…

    The message was the 100% same message faithfully and accurately given at
    the beginning of History to all 4 corners of the world.

    Now we come to the present and the above video…

    We Collect the Teachers paper and ALL first Generation Students papers..,
    and ALL those papers are 100% accurately the same: ((( The Car is Red )))…

    And most of the Students look Confused; then the papers that the Last 4
    Group Generation Students had written down are revealed:

    1 ) Big Red boat
    2 ) The Bar is on the Bed
    3 ) Are you Fed
    4 ) LAMAR is dead

    Thus the reason why we have many different religions… 

  3. “If God’s message is to us was so dire, so vitally important, then why
    wouldn’t he give it to us in such a clear and precise way, so that we would
    all be in agreement. As evident as a simple math problem in which there is
    universal agreement, rather than trusting his precious message to be spread
    by fallible, corruptible human beings. Why would the Almighty God allow the
    continuation of such widespread falsehoods in his name which would be
    effortless for him to correct, or ever need to correct in the first place,
    because a perfect being would have gotten it right from the very
    beginning.” ~DarkMatter2525

  4. Haha. The beginning of this video is pretty hilarious. But come on, the
    only people who use the word “theist” are all atheists. I never hear the
    word “theist” except in atheist videos or after talking to atheists. But
    nonetheless, this video is pretty funny.

  5. God did make it clear, and he did get it right. He gave us the Holy Bible.
    And if you read the Holy Bible then you’ll understand what God is trying to
    tell us. But the Holy Bible isn’t just a book where you can just read it on
    the surface and understand through its literal sense, you have to look
    deeper in order to get the true messages of what the Bible is saying. And
    how do you do that? You can’t just sit down in a church and listen to what
    the pastor/priest is telling you that it means. No. You have to sit down
    alone and, in your personal relationship with God, have God reveal to you
    the true meanings of what is in the Bible. You are so right. Religion is
    confusing and it divides people, and it has caused many wars and problems,
    etc. But religion doesn’t come from God. God doesn’t have a religion. I
    love God, but I hate religion. That might be hard for some of you to
    understand, but it’s true. Religion is a tool used to divide people,
    confuse people, and cause problems between people. God IS real, but sadly
    many people don’t understand. They’re too caught up in their religions and
    their unbelief to see the truth about God. I wish you well. 

  6. I am a Christian, so I know I am the underdog here, but I have been
    discussing a few things on a couple of posts, and the subject of evolution
    came up, so I thought I would post my take on it. I hope that is ok.

    First, the idea of one creature changing into a totally different creature
    through small random changes over enormous periods of time seems impossible
    to me. Right off the bat, it is not going to be observable; macro-evolution
    I mean, because it takes too long. No one is going to be able to point to
    it and say “see, here it is” The most that we would ever be able to point
    to is a mutation in one form or another, but even so, are all mutations
    beneficial? So how would one know? So macro-evolution is unobservable from
    our point of view because it takes too long.

    Secondly, has anyone thought about what has to happen in order to get the
    change moving In the right direction in the next generation? One animal
    with the change would need to breed with another animal with the same
    change, or else the mutation is blended with the normal version and is
    deluded. This is a step backward toward normal. In other words, two animals
    with the same mutation have to be in the same place; at the same time; and
    of the opposite sex (in higher animals) and have to mate. And even then,
    the animal with the mutation needs to mate more with other animals with the
    same mutation than they do with regular animals, or you incur more problems
    in the next generation.

    But even more, this takes place in steps, which means you have different
    versions of the mutation. Version 2 has to mate with version 2 in order to
    get further along. If version 2 mates with version 1, now we are stepping
    backward again. So each new mutation has to have at least 2 updates at the
    same time, in the same place, and of the opposite sex, and they have to
    mate in order to not go backward. And this is just to the 3rd generation.
    Macro-evolution is said to take many hundreds of generations.

    Furthermore, all of our experience (like dog breeding) shows that the
    further away from normal within the kinds that you get, the more problems
    you start having. How is the mutated animal going to survive and be able to
    find that other mutated animal in order to get the change into the next
    generation if they have all these added problems? It seems to me that a
    half fin/half leg combo isnt going to either swim as well as a full fin, or
    run as well as a full leg, which is going to make it difficult in the
    struggle for survival and leave this animal as prey. This thing is going to
    be an easy meal for the first predator that comes along. And then the
    change is definitely not getting into the next generation.

    So these are just some brief thoughts that I have about macro-evolution, I
    hope some of you will comment. I do believe in micro-evolution, but that it
    has limits.

  7. maybe people understand God diferently. If you study the religions of the
    world you will see, that there are a lot of similar opinions about life and
    existence. You athesits can’t prove that God doesn’t exists or that the
    universe came from a big bang. You just try to make people think that all
    theists are idiots. You are an ignorant. You misunderstood anything that
    ,for example, Christianity says. Making fun of religion will not make you
    smart. The goal of Christianity is just to make peace and unite people,
    unfortunately people never understood that. You direspect anything and have
    the false impression that only the atheists are smart or open-minded, just
    because you don’t believe in anything. There are many religions, true but
    that doesn’t mean that there is no God. Every civilization that existed in
    the world had beliefs in supernatural things. Maybe this is because people
    always had in their souls the knowledge that God exists, that something
    divine exists. Religious people did bad things and good things, but now we
    should try to respect other beliefs and not try to mock them without even
    understanding them. If humans didn’t have any soul than we would be like
    animals, acting just on instincts. If anyone says that there is a God, you
    shouldn’t make fun of him, saying that he believs in a flying old man or
    stupid things like that.

  8. There is a lord, and he is Yahweh. The same lord that brought plagues to
    Egypt to free his enslaved people. The same lord that did send his only
    son, a man who died free of sin, so that our sins may be saved. That man
    was Jesus, it was God’s gift to us. To learn of him, read the bible. To
    know him, have faith. To see him for who he truly was, is to truly find
    love and compassion in your life. He is a God of love and peace, and he is
    perfect, as Jesus was. Exactly what made him perfect to sacrifice, so that
    we may all enjoy love and God in heaven. It is only by faith, and a
    relationship with God and his hand of creation that things come to be. As
    sinners we could not come on to a perfect God in Heaven because we cannot
    compare to perfection with sin in our hearts. That’s why we repent, so that
    it leaves us. That’s why we are to confess, to reform that bridge with God
    through a medium (a priest). This satire is immoral because you insinuate
    that those with faith and those with religion are one and the same. When
    truly, anyone with faith knows God loves everyone, and that he wants us to
    love everyone, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done, exactly why
    Jesus came as a personal, true, savior. Even the very city that condemned
    him to death became officially Roman Catholic, and their own soldiers were
    dying in his name. He was spoken across the land as the Lord when he rose.
    No, I was not there. But it is through both my faith, and the evidence of
    his existence that I put up my cross. And as Jesus does, I also love those
    who do not love Jesus. Jesus not only saved you from a life without a
    perfect God, he did so that even the worst of the worst found love in their
    hearts. He was the most perfect man whoever lived, and the way you taunt
    his works is saddening. It is only by freewill, by mistakes, that humans
    create this imperfect balance. The reason I believe in Jesus is that he did
    exactly what he said he was going to do. He united all faiths under him, as
    Yahweh did both foretell to his prophets, and to his people. He created a
    2000 year church, the oldest running institution on Earth, born in the year
    33 when he died for our Sins. He changed the holy feast of Passover to be
    his body and blood, the eucharist foretelling his own death at the hands of
    the pharisees, and was his way of staying with us for all time, a
    supplication of faith for us. He foretold Ahmed (Muhammad) who would come
    as the last great prophet of God. He institutionalized the Catholic
    religion as the way, and though many of all denominations go overboard,
    there was always supposed to be one church of God. It is by the hand of
    human creation that we see so much discrepancy, not of a simple classical
    analysis on our upbringings. To form a relationship with God is to know
    yourself, to know him is to know where your love comes from, where all the
    beautiful things that this world has brought us came from a mighty, and
    just creator. The works are meant to help satisfy you, to help fill you
    with love, to please God. Faith and works is the way. How can one be
    faithful in an almighty just God who sent a perfect lamb as a sacrifice for
    our sins, yet not also do good? The answer is simple, good people do good
    things. Good people also accept what is truly good, and that was Jesus. No,
    this does not mean that there are not good people without faith, it means
    that you are choosing not to accept the gift God gave you. One thing all
    religions agree upon except you, the atheist satirist commentator, is that
    there is a good God above. By the way, Pentecostalism is not
    “blhejehahhdkgh” it means to focus on the holy spirit of God, i.e. the God
    that watches over all his creation. God the father creates, judges,
    condemns, and dose so justly and mercifully. Jesus saves you from the
    condemnation. You are simply choosing as an atheist to not believe in your
    own heart the love of God above, and so you will take that all the way to
    the grave, and you choose to have nothing. That’s not a good choice.

  9. Considering that there are a variety of religious beliefs does not mean
    none of them are right. All of them must be examined according to their
    truth claims. The attempt to claim that all paths lead to God is false. One
    thing can’t be true and the opposite true at the same time. And many people
    believe differently than their culture and that doesn’t mean that one of
    those belief systems can’t be true. This dip stick site once again does not
    realize that along with truth their are deceptions. He got it right but man
    is the problem. Man is not the answer to the problem of man. Any person
    honest with themselves admits that they do immoral and evil things. Man is
    not the answer. God has made himself known to the world and its not becasue
    a culture says so. People from all over the world have accepted the message
    of Jesus Christ Savior and Lord. One other thing, it is interesting that
    Jesus is so important that every religion tries to incorporate Him into
    their belief system. The only problem is they don’t accept Him at His own
    words and teachings that He is from God and is God.

  10. That was the dumbest rationalization for different religions as evidence
    that there is no God. Then to top it off you say that he would have got it
    right if there was a God.

    Dude you need to get out from under your rock a little more.

    Since all of the religions you point out but ONE say that they are the only
    way. It is obvious that that ONE is the ONLY way.

    Man has a will and thus God can’t force people to believe, but they also
    have a conscience that God put in them. Thus they weigh their action on a
    scale. So men make up a religion to try to justify themselves before the
    God they know exists. Thus you have contradictory religions. 

  11. According to Inflation theory, there could be an infinite amount of
    universes. So if there can be an infinite amount of universes, each with
    their own set of rules (perhaps that light moves slower or faster in one,
    or gravity weighs more in another). So if that is possible, why is it that
    you atheists cannot accept that God could also be possible? You are
    hypocrites and you don’t even know it.

  12. I hate this. I am an atheist yet this is so narrow minded it is unreal. All
    the Christians are conveyed as stupid, violent and arrogant. All religion
    has arragant people yes, but also holds people of great intelligence. Soren
    kiejerguard, Einstein, Aristotle, Archimedes and Daedalus were ALL
    INTELIGENT THIEST. Yes some atheist are intelligent but MOST of them are
    just thirsts due to social pressures and if are anything else are judged.
    Athiests can be as stupid as THIESTs. STOP BEING A NARROW MINDED PRICK!!

  13. At school word got out that Im an atheist so this kid walks up to me and
    says “Are you illuminati?” I was pissed so he said “If you don’t believe in
    god you worship satan” Most of my friends are atheists and we’re seen as
    satanists and illuminati members. Hard part of having sense.

  14. Atheists think that god is just a delusion / hallucination of a weak mind
    and doesn’t actually exist.
    God is a fact and is more reliable than science. How?
    According to Hinduism, if we make the 640 / 320 pairs of muscles in our
    body to isometrically contract and relax (physiologically harden and
    soften) as though it were a single muscle, the unified muscle acts as an
    agent of perfection. In Hinduism the unified muscle is called Purusha and
    is considered as the same as the supreme Hindu god Brahman.
    The unified muscle can contract in three dimensions.
    1. Vertical – day dream to reality
    2. Horizontal / left to right / linking – de-linking of activities / Varnas
    3, Horizontal / front to back – transient to eternal time.
    This universal and eternal god is compatible with science. However, since
    isometric contraction can’t produce movement, god won’t have proof of any
    kind in the real world. For that, we have to look for changes induced by
    god in our activities.
    However, most people can’t unify their muscular system and can just
    imitate. It is for this for this reason that a small part of the universal
    god is made to suit a group of people and the rest of the options that god
    gives are made unusable.
    This makes god of every religion looks different, and looked from outside,
    appear illogical.
    Atheism may look rational. Atheism makes individual activities correct.
    However, the activities wouldn’t be compatible with each other. Thus, put
    together, the activities would appear wrong. 

  15. Atheism is just as guilty of this my way is the only way as any religion
    is! Look at the way you all squawk about “in God we trust” on our currency!
    And then you make a video like this portraying the atheist as the only
    sensible one and every believer of God as moronic? Give me a break you all
    are a religion too. You need the gratification of many people believing
    what you believe. Just as any religion you will and have resorted to
    violence in the name of.your non existent God. 

  16. I do know God… He’s a talking 1930’s Taxi and if you praise him without
    evidence you’ll manage a stripper factory and go on vacation to the beer
    volcanos on Pluto. If you don’t praise him you’ll spend forever running
    from sea monsters on Europa. You can’t prove I don’t have a talking 1930’s
    Taxi in my basement so you better do it. Sound familiar?

  17. You prove a very fine point in this video. BUT, there is a flaw. The idea
    of Atheism can only explain creation, it cannot explain morality. Even if
    our creation “just happened”, morality can neither be created or
    destroyed. More evidence points towards an intelligent designer than the
    Big Bang Theory.

  18. Everyone has a choice to believe what they want and I respect that, but
    despite the ongoing debates I will hold steadfast and believe the word of
    God in the bible and trust in Him and still will love everyone as my
    neighbor. God’s word is clear to me and even though that some people want
    to focus on what they call fallacies in the bible there is one true thing
    that whether a person is a believer in God or not, that the way a person
    lives will prove God’s promises to be true. There are two ways this will
    happen obey God and get blessings and disobey and receive judgment. How
    anyone can miss that is beyond me. Be blessed thank you

  19. And for ppl who say that god is not real u cant judge without knowing
    anything, of u don’t think he is real cuz the lack of evidence then your
    wrong, there alot of evidence that shows that god is real lemme ask atheist
    some questions:

    How did the first person ever come to earth?

    How did the first planet ever existed?

    Where did all these animals come from?

    What happens to the person after he dies?

    If u got answers pls reply and thx

  20. I love how this idiot tries to bring all people under one banner and
    doesn’t understand he is just preaching another religion called Humanism!

    Sure, 1+1=2, and sure 0,9+0,9=1,8, but how many 0,99999999’s do you need to
    make it 2!

  21. Nothing easier to understand. Jesus came to earth when he founded one
    church . Everything listed here are churches founded by people with their
    own doctrines misunderstood . Thus was fulfilled the words : For many shall
    come in my name , saying, I am Christ , and will deceive many . (Matthew 24
    : 5)
    Remember: Babylon is a true story : there were mixed languages ​​. race and
    culture . I believe in one God.

  22. Not that this has anything to do with this video, sort of, but here is some
    logic about “god”. For god to be omnipotent than he must be omniscient. So
    in the exact instant you came into being “he” saw your entire life, every
    choice, every action. He saw all the murderers, all the rapists, all the
    evil people would commit in their lives, and did nothing to change it. If a
    being Knows your entire life story and the story of the people you hurt and
    doesn’t change it then you were born to go to hell. My point is before i
    get off track is this, freewill is a lie, because our lives are known. If
    our lives are known then we have already made the choses we think we had.
    And if ‘god” is not omniscient then the is not omnipotent and therefore he
    is not god. 

  23. Midway through the Atheist brings up an incredibly important
    question….Why wouldn’t God produce a text that we could read and
    understand clearly?

    The answer is simple: The 1611 Kings James Bible. We know this is the
    original text and the correct line of scripture because all the early
    Christians were quoting this line of text in their letters to one another.
    It is the original bible from the textus receptus that all early Christians
    wrote each other quoting scripture from the first four centuries. All other
    versions have been changed. The Latin vulgate from which the Duoay Rhiems
    and others come from is from another altered text from Alexandria.

    God made the bible simple enough to understand what is required of each and
    every one of us – that is to love God with all of our hearts and love one
    another like we love ourselves. Jehovah’s law is clearly presented in
    Exodus 20. Any one who can read it can understand it. And while there are
    texts in the bible that require more thought and investigation and help
    from God through prayer to understand the great majority of texts – the key
    parts – the law which is the love of God – is easy to understand. So the
    next question is – if that is the case, then why do we have all these false
    religions in the world, each teaching something completely different to
    what God teaches in the bible? And the answer is simple – The Devil who
    hates God and man, would,love nothing more than to hide or negate the law
    of God or at least confuse others to make them question God’s word – the
    Holy KJV Bible. But wait, you say…how do we know the bible is from God?
    Simple…one word – prophecy. The Bible is the only book in the entire
    world that has a record of 100% accuracy predicting future events despite
    having been written by more than 40 men over 66 books. And despite having
    been written over several hundreds of years, the entire collection of books
    is written homogeneously. None of the authors knew each other. Yet when you
    read all these separate books they all leave off where another jumps in and
    vice versa. Men penned the bible but God authored it! In other words, God
    dictated the bible to 40 different men in 66 different texts over the
    course of several hundreds of years.

    Don’t give up on God. There is a God that loves you and wants to get to
    know you, He doesn’t force Himself on anyone. Therefore you have to take
    the first step and ask God for a relationship. For only the fool in his
    heart says that there is no God,

    Check out former atheist, occultist, Roman Catholic, New Ager and world
    renowned professor and former evolutionist –

    Dr. Walter Veith – Total Onslaught

    …video series on YouTube (36 videos total)

  24. I try not to judge people, but the idea that some Christians (and people of
    other faith) believe in an invisible man in the sky who created the world
    in six days and the universe in one.. it tests my patience

  25. So let me see if I understand the logic here. I’ll give an example to
    illustrate what I think you are saying about all the various religions and
    their view of God: A group of people just entered a room and you asked them
    to tell you the number of chairs that were set up for your big meeting.
    They all gave you a number but they were all different. Are you saying that
    there are no chairs in the room because no two numbers matched; i.e.
    because they all different that is proof that no chairs actually exist?
    Admittedly, there are lots of religions in the world. When you think
    rationally about it, however, one of those religions could be right. Right?
    Or is the video above trying to say this: some people are very busy with
    their lives and they don’t have the time to check out which religion has it
    right. So they are perfectly justified in ignoring the whole issue?
    Hummmmm… is it logical to say that? Is life on this earth just milk
    toast? Because there are many religions and they all disagree, which they
    do, are you saying that none of them are of any serious consequence and
    likely all wrong. Like C.S. Lewis said, “If Christianity as a statement is
    false, it is of no consequence; if true, it is of infinite importance.”

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