Donuts: How the Drug War Fails … – VIDEO


When you send people to prison for a drug offense, nothing changes. There are alternatives to criminalization that work -and save money for the taxpayer. SUB…

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  1. Videos like this one won’t effect things much. The trouble is, most people
    don’t know anything about addiction unless it effects them directly. I’ve
    come across a great deal of people who think addiction to foods, or certain
    foods, TV, porn, etc. are no different than substance addiction. This might
    be, mostly I’d wager, due to the fact that we use the word in too many

    Nothing is going to happen in regards to drug laws until people understand
    the difference between ‘addiction’ to their favorite candy, and addiction
    to heroin. People need an education on drugs anyway. Since the 80s people
    have been taught that pot is an addictive gateway drug that could easily
    kill you all on it’s own… and it makes you gay… not sure how they came
    up with that last bit, or how anyone fell for it. There are far too many
    morons in this country.

  2. We must be careful. Courts are now PARTNERING with “treatment clinics”. A
    friend in K.C. gets stopped with some weed. It has happened before, so he
    of course is a repeat “offender”. Courts idea of treatment over jail is a
    bullshit diversion program that is filled with drug war profiteering
    propaganda (at a hefty fee). Then anytime they feel like it, this partner
    can call you up and demand you leave your job within a window of time,
    drive to their site and pay for a piss test…over and over and over,
    draining a family of thousands. Meanwhile Red Wine and Coffee are
    completely socially acceptable to the point that Soccer moms indoctrinate
    their little girls into the Starwhores Coffee lifestyle…productivity is
    cool. Stop legislating morality. Fuck the Po-Lice. END THE DRUG WAR DONT

  3. Great idea… But how are these treatments going to be funded? That’s the
    real problem needing a solution. 

  4. Unfortunatly the profits from asset forfeiture and cheap prison slave labor
    is more of an incentive for the Police State than spending tax dollars on

  5. Legalize drugs and let people use drugs like they want to. Put the courts,
    judges, bail bondsmen, police, prison guards, attorneys, organized crime
    out of business, who make a living, supplying expensive drugs and locking
    people up for doing what they want to do. While they are in high paying
    jobs themselves. Drugs that are not illegal do not have such bad effects
    on society.

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