Dr. Dino and convicted criminal Kent Hovind Q/A – Atheism/Evolution Questions 7/31/15… – VIDEO





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paul carter

I think Kent was colonel Stewart from Die Hard 2

tommi atkins

Welcome back! On behalf of many Atheists its good to see you back in the crazy saddle. I have mixed feelings about your return. On one side, we have had to spend 9 years laughing at your old videos and that, although still hilarious, was starting to get a little old. On the other side, its not as if you are going to say anything new…..because creationism hasn't anything new and can't have anything new…just the same arguments that died in the 1970s in a hailstorm of public debunking. By the way , are you still sticking with denying responsibility… Read more »

Matthew Martin

one of the best things about hovind is his love
of the KJV

Matthew Martin

this man can debate any athiest and win….period


I must admit I do not like your son Eric, he reminds me of a car salesman using the word of God to run a shopping channel and offer his creation products and plugs all the time. Plus he comes across very stupid. Will u discipline him now your out? 


Science doesn't mean "things we know".  It means a method of measuring objective reality and making predictions based on guesses that have a repetitive nature, which then become facts or common sense.  Knowledge is a branch of philosophy that includes metaphysics and other truth claims based on speculation for the most part but nevertheless containing wisdom and truths, an entirely different category of "knowledge".


Mr Hovind is 10 times more powerful than the addiction to Heroin addicts, hence he must have the power of 9000 compared to Jesus.

Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

+Kent Hovind OFFICIAL Please ask Anna to stop censoring certain questions that are not being asked in profanity, nor obscenity, nor vulgarity, nor perjoratively, nor rudely, please and thank you.

Loue afrigue

thank you jesus for this man

Rayn Gryphon

Thank God that you are back. No one can even guess the intelligence of our Father, especially when it comes to restoring Man to his rightful place in creation.

Thank goodness for you, Dr. Hovind. You were deeply missed and are even more gratefully welcomed back to the forefront of this most crucial debate, upon which hinges all that is good and all that is evil and all that God aspires for His children.

Bless you.

Groovyman 1968

I look forward to your upcoming debate, but based on who you are up against, I can't imagine it lasting very long. Atheists like that are full of hate, lies, and foul language. God Bless you and yours. Keith from Arizona


Kent, lots of people don't seem to have thought of the fact that whether something supernatural does or doesn't exist, nobody has yet compiled an encyclopaedia that shows both the fake supernatural stuff and the stuff that nobody can explain.  A book like that would completely destroy atheism once and for all and nobody could debunk it.


Oyster sauce.

Cameron Kozinski

As an atheist I would have to agree with your opinion of the drunken peasants. These guys don't seem to be the brightest people and are a poor example of the majority of atheists (at least the ones I know).  That being said it should be interesting or at least entertaining to see both sides trying to "explain" highly complicated scientific theories.


In your debate please don't mention ur belief that the universe is 6000 years old and u might gain a lot of credibility, I know you can debunk evolution though which will be fun to watch as always 


We need to get you a better camera Kent! Until then keep the videos coming!