RT: Drug war refugees crossing the border – VIDEO





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Corpse Party

The whole drug war thing has always been promoted with “THINK ABOUT THE
CHILDREN!” haha yeah.


An invasion of this magnitude should be seen as an act of war…12 million
unemployed, 12 million illegals. Easy math.
If RT/BTS wants to advocate for a group of refugees, it should be the ones
created by Israel in world record numbers…
Believe me, it’s the same Cabal causing both groups.


I found this article is interesting check it out: “This is not a
humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived
assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders
that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely
political purposes,” said the statement released by the National
Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

J.M. Lindner

Stop the drug war, bankrupt cartels and this will slow down. 


Two words, Hurricane Katrinia, here is your sign!


We’ve always been better at starting Drug Wars then ending them…

J.M. Lindner

Isn’t prohibition great?!


What?!? Treat these children as refugees? That’s the problem Abby Martin.
As long as South American and Mexican parents can’t afford to take care of
their children and know the U.S. will eventually take care of them and give
them welfare, it’s only going to promote the idea of bring their children
to the border and telling them to cross by themselves and they will get to
live the American dream paid for by U.S. taxpayers. 

Steve Eve

Yes, treat these children as refugees. They are fleeing violence, “The
murder capital of the world.” We should take better care of refugees, as
USA offers humanitarian aid in far away parts of the world, Israel is #1.

Joey Day

Nice guilt inducing graphic in the background. Try adding some Sarah
Mclachlan music next time. BtS is one of my favorite shows but that was a
total MSM manipulating production touch.

Isabel S

BTW, it’s Obama, a Democrat!!, who is gathering the immigrants from Texas
and other states and dumping them in Arizona. They’re tools being used as
revenge against the governor of Arizona. My opinion.

Bubba James

I just don’t see how the USA is gonna make it much longer, as a Viable republic, SO much gov’t and industry corruption, Political correctness is killing this fucking country, We have a nation of braindead non-thinking apathetic and indifferent populace, Who only worry about taking a fucking purple pill and watching Fucking American Idol. then we have hordes of invaders, who just march over here and expect the hard working,underpaid ,underappreciated working class, to fucking Finance them, Like it’s our fucking duty,Fuck that shit, Pack their fucking ass on a Goddamn plane and send them back to the fucking… Read more »


What happened in Columbia is what’s happening in Mexico. The US has
militarized Mexico and taken over all drug profiteering. Why do you think
the first place the Marines landed in Afghanistan were the poppy fields?
Under the Taliban, poppy crops were almost non existent. See Michael
Ruppert (RIP) for more on the parallel economy.
Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico
by Global Research


Isabel S

Why is Obama putting them in a warehouse in Nogales? It’s hot like hell
there and just imagine being in a warehouse. What will happen to them after
they get processed? Will they send them back, to work in the fields or a
private prison? The governor of Arizona is horrified with the crisis ans
she’s anti- immigration.

Jarcnus Cole

WHY is there no pressure on MEXICO to do anything? Many are their citizens
and use Mexico to go north. Mexico is a rich country, they aren’t poor,
they can afford it. Why does it have to be our heavily in debt.

Lastly, where the hell do they get the idea to go to the US? The US is an
English speaking country, who is selling these people to run to the US?

The US rather get involved in Ukraine, Mideast, and Africa than deal with
blatant humanitarian issues below our borders and no pressures on these

Angela F

As cruel as it may seem I will not support diversity increasing measures,
such as granting refugee status and or amnesty to anyone who makes it
across the border. That is the reason the left always supports amnesties
and desires to see illegal aliens “made into” citizens. Things like
unemployment really do not matter when your main goal is to bring about
more socialist change by increasing “diversity” which will benefit the left
wing without a single doubt. “Diversity” is the left wings strength, since
the left wing is largely a minority coalition.

Francisco Guerreiro