Dusty lays it all out about atheists and sexist remarks. He’s kinda got a point… VIDEO




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You made one crucial mistake here, Dusty: you *never* feed the trolls.

Mission Dan

see i like you bashing the Christians, but man, leave the perverts alone.
the internet would be shit without us perverts… errr i mean those

Steffen Bobblehead

But does Jaclyn need Dusty to come in and save the day? Or is Dusty just trying to get in her pants . I think Jacky is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and I also think that Jackie does use her “sex appeal” to get viewers which I believe that there isn’t any thing wrong with that. How the fuck did this Mangina get more subscribers than her she should be sponsoring him If I was Jackie I would be embarrassed that a guy like him actually thought he could come and rescue me Dusty you are a… Read more »

Andrew Long

When you wear low cut shirts and position the camera to be pointed down
your shirt, don’t complain about inappropriate responses. An entertainer
who is overtly sexual, will have fans that are also overtly sexual. This
is a self created problem. Use some logic dusty. LOGIC!

Sunshine Rivero


Randy Miller

Damn right! One difference between atheists and the religious, atheists
will call other atheists out when they are in the wrong.

Tim Observant

She’s a big girl. She can handle it. You can’t stop sexism. Some men are naturally immature perverts with no class. They’re always going to pick on something they can’t have. And when you reply to them you’re doing nothing but feeding their ego, or giving them something else to laugh at. They want to get under somebody’s skin, it gives them a “high” better than pot to some degree. Hell, they’re probably smoking it to enhance their sexist excitement. Is it wrong?… Of course it is, but the best thing to do is to NOT feed the bear. Maybe… Read more »

Patrick Gleeson

couldn’t of said it any better. the internet needs to grow up sometimes

Jack Butler

Well said, Dusty. Well said.

Aden Robda

Anyone else loves how he talks Italian with his hands :D


For fuck sake its youtube!!!! Little kids are going to say stupid shit.
Thats life. Get the fuck over it. If she cant take it quit. Ignore those
idiots and move on.

Sapphire Roses

Okay, I’m on troll patrol!


Please, you are ruining the purpose of being atheist.


exactly right


Kk dusty Troll mode on dick heads (on) off.

Homo Sapien 78

I agree. I’m a guy who lives in my parents’ basement and I don’t post such
comments. There is a time and place for behaving stupid, such videos are
not those places. These guys make people like me look bad. When people do
so, others who are different are forced to prove themselves as such.


Shut the fuck up Mc Fucker is now my favourite sentence. Thanks for telling
it how it is. 

Natalie Kirk

I once tried making content using my face on Youtube… but apparently I’m
too fat and ugly.


Wouldn’t say to entertain, I would say EDUCATE. Jaclyn and TAA are good
education for all.

Does this look like the face of Mercy to you?

Aren’t christians and catholics more perverted. They invite kid into
basements to “preach” to them. They also pretend to jack off and recreate
circle jerking scenarios. Atheist never bring up the topic unless it’s
chritstians and catholics making a fool of themselves. 

Patrick Weber

Dusty man, I think you’ve forgotten where you are and I kind of hope all
the “basement dwellers” subscribed to you do unsubscribe just so you can
see what what you’re left with. At least these guys are being honest and I
don’t see how you can blame them for wanting what they want when a woman is
trying to sell them something by looking and acting cute. And what did you
and she expect from youtube comments, precisely? For once I think you’re in
dire need of your own medicine. 


Dayumm well said Dusty!! I said it on Jaclyn’s video and I will say it here:
“I had expected better comments from my fellow Atheists. Wake up people, we
are not exactly loved here in America. Don’t give Christians more reasons
to hate us by labeling us all as perverts.”
Sure Jaclyn is attractive but grow the fuck up kids. Women are not put on
the plant to look pretty.


I really dislike the ‘we’ you use when speaking about ‘the atheist community’. If you think in communities based on believes or the lack of believes, you aren’t being logical at all. It’s not helpful in any way nor does anyone profit from that kind of community-thinking. Atheists aren’t like religious groups because atheists aren’t a community and aren’t all a bunch of same thinking sheep. We’re all individual thinkers and therefore shouldn’t be unified like that. That’s what I think. Even though I agree on a lot of subjects and topics with you, I don’t want you to speak… Read more »


OK, I doubt this comment is going to be popular, but here it goes. First of all I don’t support the type of comments you mention, and obviously would never make them myself. That being said JG has repeatedly used sex to promote her video’s (in fact in one she’s completely naked with censored bars covering her private parts). You would have to be retarded to not expect some people to make those types of comments in response to that. I can’t understand why someone who is apparently so thin skinned that these types of comments bother them would essentially… Read more »

Joe Burger

I like your content Dusty but the Amazing Atheist is a doucher. 

Jim Profit

>Google imposes it’s monopoly just for it’s own sake. “I don’t have to
prove anything. I’m going to cut your funds, shut you down, etc.”

>Just goes independent marketing atheism as opposed to using that money to
sue the ever living shit out of Google.

>You don’t have to “win”. Just aggravate them until they learn better. No
gods or moderators, only man.

Martin Phipps

Incidentally, Dusty, I did unsubscribe to your videos because YOU were
swearing all the time and I thought it was immature.

Allain Roy

This is YouTube, what do you expect? Next, if she is putting up immature
videos on subjects such as masturbation? What do you expect is going to
happen? Freedom of expression and freedom of speech comes with the good
and the bad. You can’t have it both ways. Speaking of sexist, you put up
a video of porn stars with make up on and off and talked about how ugly
they were without makeup? You expect logical conjecture based on this type
of hate video? 


Well said. I saw a lot of that shit during the telethon, but at least the
horny little boys donated some money. They must know how to
type left-handed.

Marko Faslig

Logic of Dusty: Dont put sexual comments when pretty woman is spreading a
message, because pretty woman can attract more people…. Yeah pretty woman
attract those kind of people… The kind that leave sexual comments…
The people that are really doing atheist couse a harm are dumb people like
you and that girl u are trying to laid.
Be atheist if you wont, just dont say that you represent us… please!

John Bush

Dusty, I agree with you 100%. One thing the urks me though is when people
use the phrase “have some class”, because it’s a vestigial phrase from
aristocracy. Again I completely agree with the underlying message you were
getting across. 

Severan Mal

These motherfuckers are really fucking immature. Dusty, you have my support
to mock these bitches.

Edward Kenway

LLL: Long Live Logic


Dusty… look at this Newsboys – God’s Not Dead bullshit propaganda music

Jennifer Lauren Louise Cox

This is one reason why I declined to do public videos. I’m afraid of being
treated like that.

austin myers

Removed all the comments of mine, that didn’t currently make sense to me.


fucking ew. The comments left on this video only proves Dusty’s point. I
hope these ignorant sexist assholes that are shaming this girl do Dusty a
favor and just unsubscribe.

Honestly you sexist atheists are no better than bible thumpers. 

Noktelfa Rootcreeper

What do you mean, “We can evolve”? Isn’t evolution just a theory? :-P

THANK YOU. This doesn’t just apply to the atheist movement, but to any movement. He sums it up perfectly.

a zillion thanks