DW News: The rape of nuns – another Catholic Church cover up?


The Catholic Church has been hit by yet another abuse scandal. Pope Francis has acknowledged that high-ranking members of the clergy sexually abused and raped nuns. Francis admitted suspending priests and bishops for abusing women, and promised to do more to eradicate the problem. Up to now the Vatican has done almost nothing to address the crimes. Campaigners say the rapists are protected by a culture of silence and secrecy.



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After Hinduism
Now Christianity

The Religion Of Rape

Bryan Lint

The whole church shown corruption in the 19th century in Ireland and now is really bad.

Eddie Allen

Yeah. As a Catholic and as a man who thought of becoming a priest, We definitely need full transparency in the Church and full prosecution of offenders. Otherwise the Church will lose full credibility


not sure marrying is the problem. "taking" what's not yours is the problem. this is why it's called rape. not being married doesn't cause rape.

Pat Aherne

So women don't count in the church?
How do you explain women saints?


bs … women get 2nd class whatever. lol smells like agenda to me

Mike Watts

Unbelievable! 'It's a path we've been on for quite some time???' The Pope is in a corner and all he can offer is complacency… This came to light years ago, all over the world priests raping and abusing children and now this! This is yet another nail in God's coffin.

J B Rockence

Actions needed .. Not Prayers to become silent and soft words.. Pope need to be the Leader like US President Donald J Trump


Another Protestant owned or supportive channel wanting to throw stones at catholic church. Evil shall not prevail.

California Bobby

Absolute insanity, just LET THEM GET MARRIED…. how many more cover ups and abuses do we need happen to innocent people before we just allow the bloody priests to get married?

Land Lord

Celibacy is man made. It is not in Bible. Orthodocs priest reguired to have family. There is no munks and nunns in the early church.

Lin Rey

This is Roman Catholic not Orthodox.

Subhodh S

A Bishop involved in abusing nuns in India got a rousing welcome by the church after his release from the jail. A priest who was against the bishop was killed and the nuns get threatened. Is god so helpless to protect these women and children from atrocities happening right under his nose.?