Egypt’s fight is against Islamism


by Maryam Namazie

660x390photo_1372510675398-1-0Millions of protesters are demanding Morsi’s resignation; 22 million signatures have been collectedcalling for him to step down.

If anyone mis-labelled the “Arab Spring” a “Black Spring“, they should think again.

The uprisings and revolutions of the Middle East and North Africa were never in support of Islamism though it was labelled as such – both by the pro-Islamist Left and Guardian types so they could carry on justifying their love affair with Islamism on the one hand and the far-Right like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and the EDL who consider all “Muslims” to be Islamists in sheep’s clothing on the other.

The anti-Morsi demonstrations are of all cross-sections of society with large numbers of women, many unveiled.

If anyone had any doubts which side they must stand on, there must be none now.

From Turkey to Algeria to Egypt, the  fight is for bread, social justice and freedom but also against the Islamists…

It’s our fight too.


Below is one of my talks at the Dublin Empowering Women through secularism conference, which speaks of secularism as a right and historical task and duty.

The philosopher A C Grayling says secularism is a basic right. This is an important truth.

I would add given the vile realities of Islamism (which is a religious-Right movement) across the world, it is also a historical task and necessity.

And it’s not just the necessity of a secular Europe that we often hear about but of a secular Middle East, North Africa and world.

Nonetheless it’s a right and necessity that is vehemently opposed by Islamists with murder and mayhem but also by cuddly culturally relativist and post-modernist Liberals, feminists and a pathetic excuse of a pro-Islamist Left – and I say this as someone on the Left myself.

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