Essence of Thought: Fake Atheists Sound An Awful Lot Like Conservative Christians


Part 1 of my response;

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So in today’s video I continue my video response to White Owl, the supposed atheist who thinks us ‘Darwinists’ have switched Jesus for Darwin, and really need Christianity to handle Dawah apologists. It’s funny how these fake atheists are always trying to push another religion…

Paul T Sjordal

There is a plague of Christian apologists claiming to be atheists or former atheists. It seems that every other apologist I talk to claims to be a former atheist. From the statistics, it is not possible that I have personally met so many Christian ex-atheists.

Someone in the Christian community is instructing Christians to lie in order to make use of an appeal to authority logical fallacy.

Quarter Spruce

I'd just like to note one caveat to that 1.2 billion Catholics statistic. There is literally no way within the canon law of the RCC to leave the Church. At best, you can become an apostate, which does not mean "no longer a member" — it's just voluntary excommunication, i.e. you're still a member, you just can't get married canonically or take the communion. The 1.2 figure therefore accounts for all people who happened to be baptised within the Church, including most of the largely secular French and Czech nations, even if they opted for apostasy. Obviously most baptised Catholics,… Read more »

wally s

Muslims defending Christian churches. LOL

Nicholas Nace

Liking for the Trump impression.

Stephen Clementson

Is there anything that we could learn from religion? We have already learned that it’s bollocks. Any written claims that cannot be substantiated by actual evidence will appear indistinguishable from fiction.

Paul T Sjordal

He bitches about the spread of Islam then goes on to praise Islam for some of the worst things about Islam.

Jason Banks

My question is why? Why do people like this clown and Jordan Peterson pretend they are not Christian when they spew the same old tired religious bullshit? In his debate with Matt Dillahunty, Peterson said flat out that without religion the world would not have music or art. And yet he and this moron try to pretend they are not right wing christian zealot's that hate other races and the LGBTQ community. What purpose does it serve to be so dishonest?


Here a suggestion for a video:
Talk about the pro-life who get abortions, even famous pro-life leaders get abortions.


My customary thanks for your continued service in battling toxic ideas wherever they pop up. Eloquent and to the point as usual.


I guess after so many decades at last they figure we are not swallow the same ridiculous arguments(that was a really slow learning) so now theist use a fake atheist stance trying to make atheist agree with the same ridiculous arguments , like theist belief in anyone who belief the same as they belief, they also belief atheist mus be the same. [facepalm]

Darth Killer

Where did the scientific past of the Arabic empire go ? (back then Europe was still in its Middle Age)


That boy ain't right…


I've traded Jesus, Allah, Elohim and the rest of 'em patriarchal "fuck biology, females who can reproduce autonomously came magically from males who cannot reproduce at all because I'm a man and I think the universe loves me" special snowflake delusion conjured sky daddy motherfuckers for Teslaism and Turingism as well. I don't pray to a holy burning bush to do stupendous amounts of digital computing for me, I simply godlessly allow my godless digital computer to power up with that godless AC from a godless 230V main wall socket by hitting a godless power on switch. You'll be shocked… Read more »

caroline short

Your clarity of thought and nuanced tolerance and defence/ promotion of personal values is a beacon of light in a murky world of toxicity and intolerance. Keep up the good work


10:07 Juan and Tyrone? I didnt know ownage pranks got so much tail

haKurei kura

atheists have THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED many religious groups and studied its entirety
religious groups have NEVER INVESTIGATED other groups, let alone atheism,
religious groups have NEVER INVESTIGATED their own religion and has NO KNOWLEDGE of anything outside of their indoctrinated 'knowledge'.
if your belief can NEVER BE PROVEN, QUESTIONED, CRITIQUED, OR CHALLENGED, you are a close minded dumbass who thinks you know everything, but actually know nothing…


Do I hear a dutch accent in the English of White Owl?