Europe Can Accommodate Migrants, but Politicians Don’t Want Them…


    A boy gets his hair cut at a refugee and migrant camp in the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, on Friday. (Marko Drobnjakovic / AP)

Contrary to the perception pushed by officials and the dominant media, the refugees arriving on European shores constitute a small minority of the immigrants within and going to the European Union, writes author and journalist Richard Seymour in the magazine Jacobin.

Seymour continues:

The success of anti-immigrant racism depends on us accepting the idea that Europe “can’t take” so many migrants. But the fact is that most immigrants to Europe arrive by air, with work visas. When you see statistics claiming a large number of “illegal immigrants,” the majority of that is migrants whose visa ran out while they were at their work placement.

Thus, it is not that Europe “can’t take” the number of immigrants that arrive, which consideration can only be temporarily set aside in emergencies. It is that European economies need, and depend upon the immigrants that arrive. The determination of the European Union to maintain a “fortress” has nothing to do with the supposed material burden that refugees place upon those states, and far more to do with the political management of the labor force.

But in setting up non-nationals as parasites, as a burden, as usurpers of national resources, and so on, European governments and their loyal media are generating a dangerous political fantasy.

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—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.



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Andrew Hill

If every parish in Europe takes in two families, the current problem is solved. Though I dare say it’ll inspire more and more people to come to Europe. As long as we don’t force/let them create ghettos where a ‘them and us’ mentality will breed on both sides, I don’t anticipate that being a massive problem either. That’s why this idea of taking in two families is such a good one – integration and appreciation of other cultures. At the moment, kids in rural English schools may not even SEE a non-white person until they’re in their teens. The refugees… Read more »

Neil Diggens

Well quite a few countries are not exactly basking in riches at present and we have quite a few homeless people ourselves on these shores. We also have a chronic shortage of social and affordable housing, and unemployment. So our governments should sort out its own shores first rather than just open the floodgates. Send aid packages and funds if its available but that should be it to begin with.

Neil Diggens

People are starting to ask questions about why the mass migration has started, and how many of them are just economic refugees. So keep your eyes open and don’t just jump on the bandwagon because the press show a few horrible photos.

Holes In the Foam

Rest assured that the vast majority of them are really refugees that are fleeing Syria.

Holes In the Foam

That’s what the world should have done before. Too late for that now. This is now a complicated mess that is not going to clean itself up by sending “aid packages”. What should be the priority now is saving lives and stabilizing the situation in the region so more refugees aren’t created than there already have been. BTW, you’re wrong about there being a chronic shortage of housing. There are entire towns and villages all over Europe that have been decimated by urban migrations. There are plenty of housing units available as well as the potential to turn these dying… Read more »