Even his idiotic followers aren’t buyin’ his blame game bullshit…


President Donald Trump Over Democrats Blamed For Shutdown, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

More Americans blame the president than congressional Democrats for the partial U.S. government shutdown, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Also, support for immigration is now at a record high.



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Tony Cowan

Why does he need 5 billion dollars when Mexico is going to pay for the wall ???

Rashid the Great

33% of the country believe that the Democrats are responsible for the government shutdown. Not Trump or Republikkkans but Democrats! These white supremacists have made Democrats synonymous with Black and brown people.

Anti Trumpster

Get the popcorn ready and fire up the big screen….in 2019!!!!!


Mr. President I know you are reading this article, please seek mental help immediately for the sake of the country. Stay away from Fox, Caulter, Rush, Hannity and especially the voices in your head. Btw when you start your dumpster fires and expect dems to put it out, just throw Sarah and Kelly Ann in it to smother it along with yourself….you disgust me. Oh yea shout to the Obama's for becoming the most popular ever in case you missed it!

the cube

he is quoted on tape as saying he will take responsibility for the shut down .


Republicans who support trump and should be having some/any oversight over his actions are the ones responsible for this.
Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s blackmail, but something is stopping the GOP from looking at Trump like they looked at Hillary Clinton.


The Republicans have a lot to answer for in this disasterous trump administration! They don't even care.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Kenneth Simmons

I've had enough of this schoolyard bully.

The Fibler

I'm so glad Donnie is "owning" the shutdown like he bragged he'd be so proud to do.

Dyane Leblanc

You wonder how far his mental illness has gone in the last year. He’s mental and can’t remember what he said a day ago. Scary


It is no surprise to hear this habitual liar, trump, again repeatedly lying to the American people as if we don't the truth and his words, coming from his pulpit, are the word of a god, not a president, a god! HOW DISGUSTING FOR AMERICA and all Americans. IMPEACH trump, it is time and past! DO IT NOW. Make America Great Again by indicting this orange-faced monster.

Fabi Grossi

Those federal workers, who told him he is doing the right thing are just the voices in his crazy head.

Anthony Davenport

Everyday this traitorous dklikr sit in the WH we edge ever closer to total destruction of the free world.

Justin Figgins

Has Trump tweeted yet about Russia's new nuke delivery system.

N Robo

I would just like to point out that the diagram tweeted by Trump showing the steel slats, if it is to scale, shows that the slats are far enough apart to permit people to walk through. It is also unclear how drugs could not be passed between them. Trump stated the top two reasons for the wall is to stop drug and human trafficking. Why would the president post a diagram of a wall if it was not accurate? Is that diagram the best work the President's people could make? I have some high schoolers that could have made more… Read more »

P Costello

Every News broadcast of MSNBC for each day of the shutdown should begin with the video of Trump taking full responsibility for his shutdown. Maybe adding the the words "This is day ### of the Trump Shutdown"

Justin Figgins

So 100,000's of federal employees contacted Trump and said "We will sacrifice our peace of mind, our partner's peace of mind & our children's peace of mind for you President Trump, your wall Mr. Trump is more important than our livelihood, please keep the government shut down, thank you.". Lol. Trump states he has all this US backed support for everything he does so how did lose the PV by millions and the Midterms, oh yeah it was frauds & illegals. Lol. Does Trump even understand that many folks in the military did not vote for him & was not… Read more »


We no longer need proof that Trump is an imbecile

Mike Reseigh

We blame trump because he is responsible.

Richie Rich

You think these brown shirt give a "F" about you or you children?

Now they're empowered by the traitors that have taken control of your nation.

Soulless corporate murderers PIGS need more money. Finish your time

Gentiles, so we will be done with your perverse soulless system.

Lam Cheek

This American president's child like behaviour is so irritating. And yet, all we can do is to wait for him to grow up? Meanwhile his supporters (like minded child like adults) are egging him.


Trump dislikes President Obama because he is black. Trump hates people of color.

wendy miller

Do you think he truly doesn't know what is true, and what isn't, it sure looks like that is possible.


Why would you blame Democrats, my god they passed a clean bill and no funding bill should be hostaged to ANYTHING if Congress doesn't agree why would you close things down for "your side" the whole point of Congress is things don't pass if you don't agree. It's a check/balance on things.

Frankie Johnson Sr

How in the hack your going to blame the Democrats for the shutdown. When 45 said he was pride to shutdown the government. People did you forget that Republican had control of all 3 houses. How stupid people can be. And now they try to blame everybody else expect themselves. 45 and the Republican got some of you people hoodwinke. That's including fox news and the conservative talk show people. I hope the Democrats blow opening doors. People Puttin did everything he set out to do. And we as America allow this to happen. If I was Puttin I should… Read more »

Chris R

47% blame trump. 33% blame democrats in congress. 7 % blame republicsns in congress. You add that up it is 87%. 87% is not 100%. Who do the 13% missing blame? I am going guess that 13% rightly blame both dems and repubs in congress for this shutdown. Conveniently edited out of this poll. So the poll really says majority of americans (53%)blame CONGRESS for shutdown, but this FAKE news says trump(47%)
53>47 FACT.