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If we (the troops) train how we fight you do have to ask what the training is about and why the news isn’t allowed to cover it.

Because that would be a distraction and a chance for the news to portray the images how they want. On a side note ISIS is here btw

Oh just stop already. Go watch Alex Jones or something. For fuck’s sake. 😀

Yeah, I hear they’re in your toolshed right now. 🙂

Lol must be nice knowing you’re not a target. O wait you’re an atheist never mind.

What does that mean? We have posse comitatus in America and most state constitutions recognize it as well. So if Alex Jones is saying that, then he’s right.

Yeah whatever… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

No you’re right, fuck the law. 🙂

Yeah, fuck the military’s right to train and exercise without having to explain it to the goobers in the neighboring areas.

Here, I’ll let this guy explain it to you. Maybe he better speaks your language, who knows? Maybe you’ll get a clue from him, because you’re clearly not gettng it from me. 🙂

Happy huntin’ Tex! 😛


I’ve already read the constitution, so we can agree to disagree on this one. Also I don’t have a computer and my phone won’t load this page. I figured it must be an issue if governor Greg Abbott has issue.

Yeah, well… Greg Abbott, like your previous governor, is a pandering idiot. Good?

Nah, I’m fine. I’m well away from the US now. 😀

I’m not from Texas. Good.