Ex-Muslim; “Identity Politics Are So Bogus!” – VIDEO


Maryam Namazie speaks at Reason Rally 2016. Like what you see? Follow me on Patreon as well https://www.patreon.com/user?u=145141



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Still don't get how multiculturalism or identity politics are the problems here. Buzzwords thrown out, but as with everything, the a narrow interpretation blurs reality. Multiculturalism in Europe allowed me to be accepted as a local at the same time my "heritage" was interesting to people and while it has been problematic say in ghettoised communities in France. Bashing identity politics in the same speech that acknowledges LGBTQ people and ex-Muslims seems to be grossly downplaying the value and benefit expressing identity has had for those people. Maryam herself is here making political statements and making use of her experiences… Read more »


It's not a phobia when a group of immigrants really is causing problems, as the EU is finding out.

Cloud Seeker

1 second here. Did she say she isn't the kind of people that censor people are colleges and so on? Well who the hell is the people that rush stages, paint themselves red in the face so it looks like period blood, shut down debates and prevent security do their jobs when Milo is having a peaceful debate? I got the feeling this is like when the Allies got to Germany in WW2. They ask everyone in Germany if they are a Nazi and there isn't a single Nazi in the whole of Germany.


Maryam is awesome.

So I saw her attempt to present at Goldsmiths in the UK . Members of the Muslim society crashed the talk, threatening the organizers. claiming the talk threatend their "safe space" etc. Now I would love someone to shed some insight into why the Feminist and LGBT societies both defended the Muslim societies behavior. Her talk was on . at least what she got out , gender (in)equality in the Islamic world.

Ian Hartman

She's a central committee member of the Worker-Communist Party. That still cheeses me off, she claims to be a Marxist!


Ya she can fuck off about the open borders part but I agree with basically everything else she said.


Great talk, I wish more secular people in the west would be brave enough to help support the voices of the ex-muslims of the world.


I just don't understand (although I have my suspicions) why us free thinkers gotta be tied with freedom from something with freedom to DO something. hey I totally agree for example don't make laws that criminalize homosexuality, but why does that give someone the right to hire, not fire, refuse service or not rent to someone ? same thing with race, gender or anything else! of course one caviat I would make is that there should be no signs or blatant signaling in a job or business. The cardinal sin of the segregated south was it's signage, but Donald Trump… Read more »

Gin & Roofie

Of course she would place Trump in the same light with the KKK.

America doesn't need immigrants unless they could somehow benefit us.

So then the question is how would immigrants from the Middle East benefit America?

Although I understand & empathize with secularists concerning not wanting to have to live in an environment among Islamic fundamentalists.