Explaining the Belief System Trifecta: Theism, Religiosity, Spirituality… – VIDEOa


Belief systems are far more complex when you realize there are three potentially separate gradients on which systems exist- and while they are often intertwi…



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Yes the terminology. A theist believes in a supernatural intelligence who, in addition to his main work of creating the universe in the first place, is still around to oversee and influence the subsequent fate of his initial creation. In many theistic belief systems, the deity is intimately involved in human affairs. He answers prayers, forgives or punishes sins, intervenes in the world by performing miracles, and is concerned about good and bad deeds, and knows when we do them (or even think about doing them). A deist, too, believes in a supernatural intelligence, but one whose activities were confined… Read more »

Viper Magnus

Allot of really good points, I especially liked the term De facto Atheism, each person’s truth will be different in regards to what they see or feel, sort of like your encounter with that Owl like creature. The videos you make encourage critical thinking in areas I think allot of people don’t enter due to programing via constructs, some of which I’m in the process of destroying in myself as well. I also wouldn’t mind seeing videos on your own practices in the occult as well; if it’s something you’d be willing to share, e.g. Ritual theory, Personal Practices, why… Read more »

jOHN fugyoutubfurmakinmedothis

In my experience most major atheists, at least on you tube, don’t claim
that there is no God. They simply think there is no reason to believe in a
god in the absence of all evidence. This is what people like The Amazing
Atheist, Jaclyn Glynn, The Bible Reloaded have made explicit. It would be
silly to say with absolutely certainty that there is a god and visa versa.

Rarely do I ever see and Atheist fervently attest that a god could exist,
unless they are trolling.

Just a little critique of your assertions based on my experience. 


I recommend Manly P. Hall. Anything he writes. ya ya he’s a mason but a lot
of masons have a really good grasp on these subjects. They do take it from
various ancient cultures so nothing they have is original. Also Mr.666 I
recommend the channel “Danny Wilten”. He’s pretty awesome.

Tim Green

See this is the reason I subscribed, someone to challenge my thought
process, someone who uses logic as an effient means, why did I have to be
born stupid, why couldn’t I’ve had more natural intellect, instead I’ve had
to work to the bone to achieve it, this reality sucks,I hope that
scientific mutiverse hypothesis is correct, the problem is I’m to left
brained, creative.


i have no choice but to believe in spirit/god/universal consciousness
whatever. there are only so many times you can wake up looking down at your
own physical body before you start to question the nature of reality.
feeling the “gnomes and the faeries” has nothing to do with it for myself
and many people like myself. 

Amy Burr

“It’s asking me to question the way in which I perceive reality”? That’s Satan. You still sound like a Satanist. Whenever someone thinks they have their beliefs all lined out, Satan smacks em upside the head with an apparent contradiction. I understand not wanting to confine yourself within a title though because as you said it can get more complex than just that and titles are limiting as far as othrrs’ perceptions(u care?) Can you do a video on how your beliefs became more complex than Satanism; I know you’ve said you used it to deprogram yourself but I mean… Read more »

Elaine Burtner

I am atheist . I been one all my life. I do have Christmas.
I do Christmas to be family. Do you do Christmas ?
I am curious.

Mr Green

Styx! I’m pretty similar in my views. When first looking into Satanism is how I came across your channel and I’ve never left. I get a certain amount of intellectual satisfaction listening to your opinions. Anyway, I’ve come a long way since then and I also haven’t been presented with a God that I can agree with although I do kind of have a justified belief in something I wouldn’t call God, but others may. I know you have a lot of experience with psychedelics, do you have any opinions on DMT? It is a fact that at the time… Read more »


My personal opinion, as an atheist, is that the word ‘spiritual’ means emotional. My conversion to atheism was accompanied by a very profound emotional experience very similar to my original dedication to Christianity. It is almost impossible to put emotions into words as we all know. I have been an atheist for the past 10 years, maybe more. My son died young earlier this year. I believe he and I will never meet again but, just as right now and when I too eventually pass, we will be forever connected because we are part of a universe where nothing is… Read more »

edge of sanity insane

MAke it easy on yourself, Just go full Agnostic. That way all your bases
are covered. Works for me. Like a charm!

I Love you

To be atheist based on your own opinion is one of the worst ignorance. This guy is try to tell us that all religions and there beliefs is false and he is trying to convince us whatever his mind is telling him which is ased on his believe. I want to add one more thing when he was talking about Islam i didn’t agree what he was saying because he didn’t said it right. I want to say one more thing did anyone here when he said if christian proved to him that Christianity is true or show him Jesus… Read more »

Joseph Poindexter Brooks

I don’t have much to add to the analysis presented in this video, (except
perhaps that I am personally not a skeptic of the Christian faith). Outside
of that point however, this is generally the way I would assess these three
distinct, but often interrelated subject areas. I do however see some value
in pursuing alchemy from the standpoint of psychology, and therefore don’t
think of it as an anachronism in our present “scientifically oriented” age.


jeff derice

Very interesting video you have broaden my horizon.

Aestro Ai

I enjoy that you use a Clear, and thorough method for exploring beliefs in
this world. Most people never sort out what they actually believe, so it
astounds me that they can place any value on those beliefs. I lean towards
a Gnostic understanding of Jesus for example, but I feel like it’s a huge
mistake to spread my personal understanding. That’s the McDonald’s


Peter Owen Jones has called the US the most religious country in the world
and the least spiritual, and India the most spiritual and least religious.

Edward Coppers

One of your better videos, not to say that your other videos are flawed.
Thank you.

iamwhoiamwhatiam #Skippy-Pip

Why dose creatures and dreaming have an intuitive link to me. LOL at the
sweet elf related videos at the finish. Damn you elves always fucking with
my garden.


You should do a video explaining how you became Pagan.


Like this video!

Mr Satan

Styx, What do you think about this? http://map.ipviking.com/

Blood Raven

Enjoyed it.


Here’s a “New Age’ religion based on fanatics, the Zecharia Sitchin crowd
Scientology not Science, and mocks other professionals in the field of
Science. Sci-fi crowd loves this introduction of Scientology. Reminds me of
“Theosophical Society” by Helena Blavatsky, in India, she was “a cult
figure for several years, until a housekeeper who had formerly worked as a
magician’s assistant exposed the tricks by which Blavatsky had been fooling
her followers.” The exposure became known as the Coulomb Affair. 

James Holmes


James Holmes