Face The Nation: Freshman Democrats confront “sober reality” of shutdown during first week on the job


Freshmen Democrats Rep. Colin Allred, Rep. Jahana Hayes, Rep. Max Rose, and Rep. Sherrill join Margaret Brennan to talk about their first impression of Congress.



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How ironic, the Democrats would actually hurt American citizens by shutting down the government just to make sure illegal immigrants, living outside the United States, are not stopped from illegally invading the USA.


What a bunch of twerps.

Nenita Saligumba

Ask Trump to itemize details of why he is asking $5B. Trump also has to give details of the $1.6B in the first bill for the border wall. Was it spent, if so ,how and on what? That should be audited whether it was spent for the wall. He might have spent it to pay for legal fees for his court cases. He is making this border wall an issue, then let him detail what he will do with the money. Trump should also give data justifying why he really needs the wall and these data should be fact checked.

Linda Gieselmann

Yeah, we can pay 10 times that every year from now on because we are already paying well over $5Billion now on illegal immigration. And where do you think the drugs are coming from–use your heads. Illegals bring in criminals, terrorists, land diseases in that we haven't had in a long long time. The fake media and you people are covering the truth up.

Stewart Professional Services

Great show. Impeachment is not hostage to Mueller's report. Hopefully the party can provide talking points and expectations from the Speaker's team.

Brigitte Scott

Maybe Speaker Pelosi can push forward an infrastructure bill that will build a road and call it Trump Highway. That could be a substitute Trophy for Trump.


How about an entry cost through the border to the U.S, to help off-set the construction of the "barrier" wall? There are 48 U.S.–Mexico border crossings, with 330 ports of entry. Approximately 350 million "documented crossings annually." Example: 350 million x (US $10) = 3.5 billion US Dollars. Simple math Congress. Figure it out. Solve this, to get the American government open again.
Note: There were 303,916 border apprehensions in the southwest U.S. during fiscal 2017—a 26 percent drop from 2016. Still down.

GW let's be real

Build the wall listen to the border officials, why is that so hard to understand, democrats are for open borders period

Alexander Canovas

You will never get an honest discussion about the wall when you have idiot leftists insist that the wall will not work or is a waste of money. Liars and hypocrites is too mild a description of the Democrats overall.

Gary Cowan

President Trump and his white/male/boys club, are holding the American people hostage by using a government shutdown as a means of negotiation. Shame on you !!!

Julie Gurley

So is there any meaning to the Presidential Oath of Office? Does intentionally shutting down the government violate that Oath? Does intentionally telling Americans that short therm up to a year or more to be endangered by his governmental shut down violate his oath of office? Trump must be impeached for Intentionally endangering Americans to feed his concrete fetish and his ego. Making more Americans starve to feed his concrete fetish and his ego is grounds for impeachment. Refusing to accept the will of the people as stated by both the House and Senate is grounds for impeachment. Colluding with… Read more »

Michael Brown

5 billion would buy a lot of water in "Flint Michagan"!


I have had that voice before and tried to teach school – several times! Ha! One time in first grade years ago when I just got my license. What fun! NOT!

Michael Brown

I say everyone should file tax exempt. I don't trust giving those confederates money to use against us.

Craig Keller

This Gang of Four gives me hope for our nation.


these guys are stupid

daniel letterman

These amazing people around the table give me hope for the country.
Maybe the deplorables were right in exposing the poison in this country by tossing molotov tr*mp into the government.


$5 Billion out of a $4 Trillion budget? Are you kidding me? The Democrats are clearly not interested in Border Security.

Daniel in llinois

How can you not challenge them when they say walls don’t work. Then why do they work in Israel and Hungary?