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David Barton Thinks He Scares Us

By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
Friday, November, 15th, 2013, 7:41 am


Scary David Barton

David Barton thinks he scares us. Speaking at Ohio Christian University, he said, “I’m really scary,” Barton declared. “I am very scary for people who have a secular worldview.”


Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


“I try to challenge people to prove me wrong,” Barton said, asserting that the Christian professors who criticized him did so only because they are “so secular” before predicting that the entire debate will be over in a few months when his book is released and it “tears them up.”


Barton also asserted that the Christian professors who attacked his book full of Jefferson lies were recruited by “secular guys.” Warren Thockmorton, being one of those Christian professors, demolishes this particular lie on his blog. A man of integrity, whatever his politics, does not need somebody else to point out lies to him. (Read my review of Throckmorton’s book here.)

This is an interesting claim because, in fact, Barton has been proved wrong many times. Right Wing Watch has done it. Warren Throckmorton has done it (which makes Barton stomp his little feet in frustration, you can tell). I have done it here as often as I can stomach the task, including Barton’s little lie about who was burning whom at the stake, about the due process clause coming from the Bible and about the Founding Fathers resolving the Evolution debate even before evolution was being talked about! ComedianJon Stewart refuted him. And others too numerous to mention have refuted him.

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