Here are some facts to shut us atheists up… :) VIDEO



This is why atheism makes no sense AT ALL. Subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the videos! Check out my second channel:…



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Seguro que se está burlando de lo gente religiosa. jajajajajaj,buen punto.


what’s your answer? :) very curious




Relax guys, he’s just a troll.

I do give him credit for coming up with unbelievably ignorant assertions, but I fear creationists may agree with most of them.

mustafa qusai

ATTENTION ! , i have a question for Atheists : if you die , where do you go . PS. i’m a muslim

Rafael Farias

He is indeed, he is a character, you should see his other channel on youtube(check the comments) =).

ocd obsessive compulsive disorder

I am a Christian, I believe in the way of life, but I do not believe everything in the Bible blindly. Unfortunately, ALL of your arguments are simply embarrassing. I understand what you’re trying to do, but you are going about it the wrong way my friend. I hope this helps bro. Atheists are some of the smartest people alive, because when it comes to natural logic, they cannot be refuted. I believe in the supernatural, simply because I see cool paradoxes i.e. photons are waves and particles, etc.


Barely distinguishable from actual Creationist arguments


Faith vs. Reason…of course! Atheists would have us believe that believing in God requires blind faith, but atheism is reasonable. Yeah, right. Atheism is quite unreasonable. It requires blind faith in many things, blind faith in many unscientific principles, etc.
Atheism is just man’s stand against God. Man hates God by nature, and so they rant and rave and reject Him. But deep down, every human knows that there is a God.

Joshua R

Is he trolling? ……he must be trolling. I cannot think of anything else but trolling for this video. Trolling? O.O


How can someone invent a law of physic lol? Impossible. Inventing is defined as making something that didn’t exist before essentially. You can not invent something that’s existed long before humans or even the planet earth. Funny guy here.


AE came up with the theory of relativity. Isaac newton I guess “invented” thought up gravity. The theory of relativity is when a massive object like the sun bends and curves space. And that space being curved is what actually causes the earth to move around our sun along with the other planets. So it’s not the sun itself that’s pulling us towards it it’s the space being bend which of corse is being caused by a big object.


cant stop laughing he just to stupid

James Oneill



Lmao this was awesome.


Google this video – “Debunked in 30 seconds: Christian Morality”

Kiley Haedyn

For the first few I was just thinking, “what a fucking moronic nincompoop.” It was a good joke. C:

Alexandre Gurchumelia

0-00 Celsius argument got me. So ridiculous. It’s like “if world is billions of years old why is it 2013?” 😀

John Doe

this is a troll video its meant to be a joke and satire

John Doe

you do know that this video is a joke right?


this is a joke……. did you watch the video?

Los Pariah

This is a great way to make atheists laugh you out of town.


wow this guy is an idiot!


Come on, get a sense of humor. This is so clearly overplayed parody of creationists argumentation you have to be *not so smart* not to see it. This guy is hilarious.


The accent you chose is fake and does not befit the character depicted . Trolling.

Bia Paelo

Man how people can be so dumb ?? He is fucking kidding niggas !!! Damn it !