The Fallacy: Freedom and the Gun Debate in America


Each year, it seems another senseless tragedy results in the shooting deaths of multiple innocent victims in the United States. Predictably, the news media, various citizens groups, and elected officials at all levels of government, express their sorrow and frustration in the aftermath of such events, as well as renewed calls for increased gun controls to stem the rising tide of violence in America. Yet, year after year, nothing seems to change and the violence continues. As soon as this ‘hot button’ issue of gun control is raised, the invective-laden battle of competing statistics begins, with both sides of the debate unwilling to give one inch in compromise to the other, leaving the average American mired in an endless, violence-ridden no-man’s land in the middle.

And the real tragedy, not to the individuals directly affected by these killings, but to our country itself, is that until some real solution is reached, we as Americans will be consigned to the fate of reliving these tragedies on a periodic basis, with only the locations, numbers, and names of the victims changing.

This book strips away the common veneer of hardened ideologies and political positions, and takes a close look at the problem of gun control as a solution to violent crime in America. It explores the relationship of gun control legislation to 2nd Amendment rights as well as its relationship to freedom and a free society. In the closing chapter, the book highlights the important choice surrounding this issue that Americans face today and offers specific recommendations to those who are serious about achieving a safer America for ourselves, our children, and our future.



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Durwin Dengerud

Excellent! The title of this review is important; particularly the word ‘opinion’. Mr. Jenco’s monograph on the ‘fallacy’ of the gun-control debate is an interesting, albeit common, perspective from a gun rights advocate. While he assures his readers that he is, “not an ideologue in the sense that (he) began with a devotion to one opinion or the other,” you’d be hard pressed to find a more biased opinion. Most of his conclusions are drawn by either assuming that belief equals reason, or that C follows A,…


Clear I chose this rating because it’s to the point read that tells it like it really is. Openly tells the truth about the real issues of the problem with the gun laws and how society interprets them. The analogies discussed and the word for word explanation of the 2nd Amendment makes it easy for US Citizens to better understand what is behind their Rights to Bare Arms.


This was an eye opening view of guns in America. It is cleaned of partisan politics and allows you to see where firearms fit in our society. I have to say that I ideologically do not agree with this stance, but I do have a better understanding of the need for firearms.