Famous black atheists – VIDEO




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Terry Swoope
Martell Nelson

I’m thinking of becoming a black atheist. I’m starting to hate God and
religions altogether. Its very rare to meet freethinking black people that
ain’t zombified by Christianity. I wish either religion is either banned or
privatized altogether. Religion is dangerous and makes people scared to
think critically.


The Black Atheists of America is one of the most important communities,
small though it is. Congrats on your courage – The world needs you. Thanks
for all you do.

Keith Wilson

Happy african american history month. Black atheist are a minority within a
minority it’s time to celebrate our secular heros. 

Rebecca Raven

The most interesting thing about atheism posts are the number of ignorant
sheeple who feel the need to jump in and show their stupidity. Not every
one needs a god.

Excellent post, +TerrySwoope! I enjoyed it.


Whoopi and Frederick Douglass aren’t athiests. Goldberg is Jewish and
Douglass was a Methodist


Believing that everything came from nothing is about a ludicrous as
believing in the flying “spaghetti monster.”


Why does the skincolor matter? Do the US still have a problem with that?

Will Hart

Happy african american history month. Black atheist are a minority within a
minority it’s time to celebrate our secular heros. 


Check out my channel. 


‘If you’re a Black Christian, you got a short memory’. Chris Rock


The ones who have died are no longer atheists.

Kamilah Harris

As an African-American Atheist-Humanist myself, I am grateful, Terry, that you put this together. In response to the description, the truth is that Black Atheists/Non-Theists are the fast growing Non-White segment of the Atheist/Non-Theist community overall. It is the only social demographic, budding civil rights/social justice movement in world chronology (at least that I know of) pioneered and led by African-American women. It is us, Black Women, who are leading the way in building community amongst POC Atheists/Non-Theists via coalition and organizational building. Additionally, I just have one disagreement w/ the video. Whoopi Goldberg, from what I know and understand,… Read more »

Ozamataz Buckshank


Janet Hannah

Non believers are stupid. You may not believe now but one day you will when
you are burning in Hell.


stupidity has no skincolour .

Mika. woody Stewart

I’m happy to see that my people are finally waking up! – Black atheist-

Harry Daniel

You forgot to include Chris Rock and John Legend. I am so glad to see that so many people have woken up, Chris Rock Could not have said it better himself, “if you are black and a Christian, you have a horrible memory.” Christianity is the very religion that was LITERALLY beaten into our ancestors and justified our enslavement! Seriously, our slave masters told us that being black was a Literal manifestation of our sins! The fact that so many black people are still enslaved to a 2,000 year old white roman man named Jesus is SICKENING. I hope that… Read more »

emperorj john

I am black and I am an atheist. I don’t understand how black people can
hold fast to a religion that justifies slavery. I don’t see how anyone
could believe in a book that says “Slaves be Obedient to your master.”


I don’t think Morgan Freeman is an atheist.


Dont forget Lorraine Hansberry, Barack Obama Sr., Tyler the Creator, Earl
Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain 


Morgan Freeman is not an atheist, hes a god.

Obama's ballsack

Regardless of whether you’re atheist or a radical Muslim fundamentalist,
what’s important is you hold me in your mouth, worship the US federal
government, and support the agenda for a neofeudalist new world order.


Dr. Tyson has a video on youtube where he calls himself an agnostic

The Voice Of Showgun

His dad was a Muslim, but his mom was an atheist.

QJ Sparx

Whoopi is an Atheist?


I’d like to see my name added to this list one day 🙂


Many fanatics use in newspapers the term “atheist” for everyone that has a
different opinion. The word atheist is misused as well as our rights!!!

Terry Swoope

I remembered her from the gone with the wind movie i just found out she was
a atheist


Are you dead? Do you have magical abilities to communicate with dead people
or something? Have you ever died and rose from the dead like in the zombie
movies? Since the answer is no, then what makes you think you know what
you’re talking about? Face it, you have no proof to back up your claims.
It’s all in your brainwashed head. Just bcz you want to believe in
fairytales doesn’t make your beliefs true.


Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and pray!!


hit me hard, and I’ll become 😀 I like science. watch a Neil deGrasse Tyson
Documetary – not only about god and atheism, learn about the cosmos.

Jeff Butler

the problem with atheists, is that their intelligence is getting in the way
of believing in a non-tangible entity that you can’t prove exists. I get
it! And if their is a God, hopefully he won’t hold that against them.