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Truth Minger.

Silly little man, I blocked you Alex Botten, because you are irritating and
condescending. Grow up, and stop pissing people off all the time.


so you were one of those whom they thought you were me? lmao

Deep Ashtray

Hehehehehe…. no butt hurt Christians here. It would be so nice if you had
actually put a little effort into this one instead of silly forgettable

Truth Minger.

Rant at the butthurt Atheists, they really need to grow up, stip trolling,
and have some fun.

Truth Monger.

*Really, Fucking Really, The lowlife asshole you’re defending has, as the
very least, 110 Sock accounts. He’s one of the biggest trolls on YT. Take
the blinders off sister.**>;-)*

Gluteus Illuminatus

TROLOLOL. A troll channel whining about atheist “trolls”. Epic. Whoever the
fuck you are, you fit right in with the rest of the clowns.

Natale Zorz

Why did Helen’s face change and then suddenly disappear, why has she left,
could it be identity theft after all? …..Why was that changed face called
Samantha LoLZzz, where have I seen that face and LoLZzz before?

My, my, too slow by far…..glad you gave it up ‘Helen’.


I think you need to take that tree out of your eye.

vladimir putin

TROLOLOL. A troll channel whining about atheist “trolls”. Epic. Whoever the
fuck you are, you fit right in with the rest of the clowns.

Alex Botten

Started using Morphvox now, Thicky?

You messed up AGAIN, I’d blocked this account when it was one of your many
many many ‘clearly Sokkyu Kim’ sock accounts, so changing the name just
made it appear with ‘blocked’ already next to it.

You really are a fool. 


Sad little monkey trolls.

Fed up of Atheist Trolls: http://youtu.be/tSxxE9o4RZY

Natale Zorz

+Miss Jane Napier Now that is funny 😉 Cheers for the giggle.



James Powers

I’m the one the atheists usually call a “troll,” right at the point where I
smash their grill w/ my irrefutable facts in defending Christianity and
destroying the stupidity of the stance of atheism. So actually, when I’m
called a “troll,” I know their atheist blood is in the water. I never call
the atheist a “troll,” because I always own them. If you guys were better
at destroying the doctrine of demons (atheism, evolution, abiogenesis), you
wouldn’t worry about what you are called.

Natale Zorz

What was your last YT channel called, you sound familiar. I could be wrong.

Btw, try listening this as if you were addressing this to TS and co.
Banter and lols are all good fun, enjoy those.

Raw Apologetics
Anthony Burns

Get off the fucking internet if you can’t take the heat.

Tara Blackmore

Omae wa baka yaro desu. Gumai shimata namagomi. 


Being a troll on the internet IS NOT EXCLUSIVE TO Atheist.

Specifically highlighting Atheist shows an enormous short-sightedness on
your part. If you don’t want comments, then disable the comment section
or if you feel a comment violates one of these:


Then ban and report the person.

p.s. 4:24 to 4:39 somebody call the Irony Police…..

vladimir putin

Is your minge truthful?

Tara Blackmore

Also, irony.

Anthony Burns

KY Kelly!

Jesse Tittl

so sound like you need a hug… I think it’s funny I’m the 251th veiw but
the 181 comment don’t let what mean people have to say….. good trees
produces good fruit


Who would like me to dox this whores home address?

bernadette saint

132 “… Hear my urgent plea to pray for the souls of atheists -Monday, January 23rd, 2012 @ 15:20 My dearly beloved daughter the world is about to change beyond recognition. For My time is almost here now. I urge all those believers in Me, their Divine Saviour and My Eternal Father to stop what you are doing and listen. Whether or not you believe in these, My messages to the world for these times, hear now my urgent plea.Pray, pray and pray with all the love you hold in your heart for Me, for the souls of atheists. Many… Read more »