Femen activists go topless in mosque


More on Femen’s latest stunt. Rock on ladies! Respect! 


Femen topless protest
Femen topless protest



On Saturday June 29, three “Sextremists” from the international women’s rights group Femen dressed in burqua-like robes and walked into a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden. Upon entering the mosque, they stripped off the robes, revealing their topless bodies. 

Each activist had a slogan written on their bare-bodies:

“Gender Equality”
“My body is mine, not somebodies honour.”
“No sharia in Egypt and the world”

They shouted, “Free Women,” “No Sharia,” and “No Oppression,” in the mostly empty mosque. According to Femen, the protest “symbolically rid of the black hijabs, in the heart of a place of worship.”

Egyptian Femen activist Aliaa Elmahdy led the protest. In an interview with a local reporter, she had this to say:

“We’re supposed to be free to do whatever we want, if we are not hurting somebody. They should not be offended of somebody showing her body or somebody saying something they don’t like.”

Jenny, a Femen activist from Sweden was also interviewed:

“Femen has three main goals. It’s against theocracies; not only Islam because, ah not Islam, but Islamists, because we are… you can have your religion, you can have a hijab but you should be free to choose to take it off and you should be free to choose to have whatever religion you want and you should be free to not have any religion too if you want to.”



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