Finally some REAL Action…


As I’ve recently discussed in two previous posts, specific actions need to take place. This is the grim reality that still needs to be absorbed somewhat by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The first real organized action that I’ve come across that is worthy of noting is what is being called “Ditch Your Bank Day” on November 5th. Which is allegedly the day certain new bank fees are set to go into effect at Bank of America and some other major banks.

As I suggested in my above linked post(s), I recommend you close all bank accounts and move your funds into a Credit Union account and/or into a Gold Bullion Account Read my previous posts on the above link for more details.

This is a GREAT idea for a mass action, and there is no reason why EVERY AMERICAN WITH A BANK ACCOUNT OF ANY KIND should not participate. Better yet, don’t wait until November 5th. Do it NOW and save yourself what will inevitably be a huge traffic jam going into and out of our bank on that day.

More to come…


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