Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids: A Conversation with Neill Franklin of LEAP… – VIDEO


Commentators like Bill O’Reilly claim that ending the drug war would lead to more children being abused by drug-addicted parents. But 33-year law enforcement…

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  1. Say no to the War on Drugs and yes to freedom and common sense and being
    practical when it comes to drugs in America. 

  2. @fnog9 That’s why I don’t eat them…buuuuut pot should probably be
    legalized. It doesn’t really hurt anyone and it would be a huge kick to the
    crotch for the cartels.

  3. @BlueRonin44 The intelligence of my reply? I asked you a question and you
    still haven’t answered. I didn’t suggest you can’t have an opinion, I asked
    what you opinion is based on. You say you don’t do any illegal drugs, and
    then you say anyone who ususes any illegal drug other than weed is an
    idiot. Why would you say that? I am wondering, what do you think is so
    special about weed? Why are weed users not idiots, and any other substance
    user is an idiot?

  4. @echosyst it is a very well known basic fact that drugs such as heroin and
    meth and far more destructive than drugs such as weed. However weed is a
    substance 1 category drug meaning that the government teaches us that
    intaking weed is as harmful as other substance 1 drugs such as meth and
    crack cocaine, when the government teaches teens this all this does is
    entices teens to try more harmful substances such as meth and crack cocaine
    because the gov. is actively teaching false information

  5. @davidrjin Gateway drug my ass. I’ve been smoking pot for 10 years and have
    never had so much as a vague interest in trying other dugs.

  6. @DireSpring The thing that reallt pisses me off about not being able to buy
    weed in the UK is ……..we fought a war so that we’d HAVE control over
    narcotics …called “the Opium war” …we won …..we’d killed 19,500
    people over it ……….now you’ll be imprisioned for smoking weed EVEN
    THOUGH I’m aspergic and weed is the only viable treatment.

  7. I am a foster parent. I see kids who are harmed by drug use every day.
    Usually, it’s because the parents are too high to even think about taking
    care of their children Is legalization going to stop that or will it only
    get worse? Sometimes, it is because the parents will do anything to get
    enough money for the drugs, even sell (rent) their own children to
    perverts. I don’t believe the prices will drop enough to change that
    either. Never seen a child in care who wouldn’t be if drugs were legal.

  8. @xetlive Probably the Sgt. Stedenko types would be out of work. But,
    overall the LE would merely shift effort to martial counterfeiting, counter
    terrorism, corruption, fraud, burglary, public buffoonery. Generaly the
    things LE is needed for. A regulated taxed recreatianal drug society would
    soon level out from the abusers welcomed self demise to the regular
    everyday hard working american that just wants to blow a joint and watch a
    moron on MSNC rant about irrelevancies.

  9. @qwerki666 Then let them deal with it their self, do not send them to
    prison. Better yet why doesn’t the government help them by giving them
    treatment? After all, they’re trying to protect us right?

  10. @Derek51386 You said that if the drugs were legalized the drug dealers and
    users would move on to other types of crimes. That is where you are wrong.
    The drug dealers will always remain criminals, but the users will now be
    law abiding citizens instead of flooding your prisons with cheap labor.
    That is not an opinion, that is a fact! Look at alcohol prohibition and the
    effects it had on your society!

  11. If your kids are losers and they take drugs, it`s always blamed on the
    drugs. No one wants to accept that their kids are just losers. Bad parents
    will blame anyone and anything but themselves. We`re fighting an ignorance
    that runs a lot deeper than law enforcement. The core problem is there are
    far more stupid, blinkered parents than smart, responsible ones. We`ve
    already reached a critical mass of stupid people because they breed more,
    and always will. It`s not looking good.

  12. nothing magical about drugs, the proceeds just fund the vast majority of
    organised crime and terrorism. To change the process how we address drugs
    in law in the western world is to seriously change the cultures and way of
    life within drug producing countries. The US funds the spraying of coca
    crops in South America but whiule they do that they also spray cereal crops
    and in some cases subsistence crops. There is no comparision to the
    prohibition in the 30’s. Thats just being flippant

  13. I have to go against Reason on this one. For starters, the drug rate and
    crime in Black Communities grew when drugs were LEGAL. Why? During the 60’s
    and 70’s Leftist Radicals wanted to start a Communist Revolution in
    America. Unlike other countries there was no “poor class” to speak of. They
    turned to Blacks who were among the poorest, imported guns and drugs to
    fuel their Revolution. The purpose of the drugs was to destroy the body of
    knowledge passed down through the family, and it worked

  14. @jbjacks3 Im a libertarian and I believe that all currently illegal drugs
    should be legalized. I also think that individuals should be able to
    self-prescribe themselves. If they really want a drug, they are going to
    get it legally or illegally. Despite people being able to self-prescribe
    drugs for themselves people would still have the option to have a doctor
    actually prescribe it for them. This country is full of dumbfucks, its time
    to have them kill themselves and chlorinate the gene pool.

  15. Mexican Drug Lord Officially Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs
    Illegal By David Henry Sterry, The Huffington Post – Friday, April 3 2009
    The drug war must end. Regulate and educate

  16. @Derek51386 That effect would be marginal at best. Besides we’d have more
    police concentrating on robbery and murder.

  17. @98nafets I do understand your point. Let me try to argue my position – as
    Neil Franklin says in this vid, the Portuguese experience shows that the
    state saves money both in the health area (e.g. lower HIV stats due to
    reduced needle sharing) and in the law enforcement area (less 911 calls)
    when you decriminalise. Therefore, if you believe in universal healthcare,
    the policy makes sense as it will save taxpayer dollars as well as deliver
    greater freedoms and better health outcomes.

  18. @TheBartman47 -True: the basic ideology of libertarians is protect liberty,
    that doesn’t mean a libertarian cannot support a public option.
    Libertarians want a small, limited gov. Doesn’t mean no services. Check out
    Reason TV’s Matt Welch (loves the French system!). My experience w/ Japan
    Nat’l health insur is the same. I had the freedom to quit my job (no
    maternity leave) to spend two years w/ newborn, my husband chose to work
    part time. That’s freedom! Could never afford that in the USA.

  19. Harm is completely irrelevant, as there are tons of legalized harms such as
    alcohol, tobacco, fast/junk foods, sports, military, and so on. The simple
    fact is, no matter how badly you may disapprove of harmful substances or
    activities, it is an individual’s choice to do with his or her body how he
    or she wishes. You are not responsible for me nor do you make my choices as
    much as I am not responsible for you nor do I make yours.

  20. @BlueRonin44 LOL! It’s amazing how pot smokers will bash every substance
    except their own. What’s so magical about weed? Do you have some problem
    with peyote?

  21. @zofspade The government gives money its value? oh do go on. enlighten me
    as to how exactly it does that? im dying to hear this.

  22. @DireSpring Unfourtunatly there are so many cameras ….there are cameras
    watching the cameras …..and the penalty for tampering with the cctv is
    heafty. +we dont miss the guns, really we still have guns you just have to
    be able to afford a “gun safe” in your home.

  23. @lees20022 EXACTLY, and then when you see a street dealer, people would be
    much more vigilant in dealing with them, KNOWING for a FACT that they
    intend to sell children drugs….

  24. @BabyJustWin Go back and read the very first sentence I posted. “Yeah
    legalizing drugs makes sence.” What does that mean? That means that I agree
    with the legalization of drugs. The rest of that post was a scenario that
    not alot of people touch on. What happens when we take the main source of
    income away? It was more of a rhetorical statement, an “I wonder” if you
    will. I never said THAT WILL HAPPEN. PERIOD. So how can I be wrong? Having
    to clarify this seems like a waste of time.

  25. @DireSpring To a degree, people get the goverments they deserve ……blame
    your neighbours. lol

  26. @Derek51386 drugs, I am talking about these neighborhoods PRIMARY source of
    income, DRUGS. If you take away their only way to bring money into their
    mini economy then what happens? You force these people to bring in money by
    other means. If they were already too lazy to get a real job then what do
    you expect to happen? Either way I’m just saying a possible outcome. I
    still agree that we should legalize all drugs.

  27. I don’t get people sometimes. What makes them think that there’s something
    magical about drugs that makes everyone involved in the trade just evil?
    It’s as if they think that drug dealers = evil is an uncontrollable force
    of nature that’s intrinsic to the fabric of the universe. The simple answer
    is this. When prohibition of alcohol was ended, it put the Al Capone types
    out of business and replaced them with the Budweiser Corporation. Why would
    these OTHER drugs be any different at all?

  28. @matcotech Imagine that, cops who don’t believe that it’s their job to find
    ways to arrest people! As bad as this world is, there’s always a ray of
    sunshine here and there.

  29. @echosyst What? Drug pushers will sell illegal drugs after legalization?
    That makes sense. The reason so many drugs ruin lives is because
    prohibition, because there is a negative stigma towards the people who use
    them. You are citing a TV show, illegal drugs can be dangerous, but many
    aren’t (marijuana for example.) Some steal money because they are
    physically dependent and cannot go to a treatment center to help with their
    withdraw. Addiction is a disease.

  30. He said (I’m paraphrasing): “The majority of drug-influenced domestic
    violence is caused by alcohol, not illegal drugs.” 4:40 He used that
    statistic as evidence that illegal drugs are less harmful than alcohol.
    But, couldn’t it be that alcohol-related violence is so high because
    alcohol is so widely available, because of the fact its legal? It seems
    nobody is looking at it from that perspective.

  31. I love the mention: “Commentors like Bill O’Reilly” The concerted effort to
    incessantly vilify the “right wing” is pathetic and the ONLY reason people
    feel so strongly in their ignorant liberal viewpoints. Right now the left
    wing is hurting this country, but hey, let’s keep hating on the “evil
    right-wing!” Here’s a trick……watch this hand while I screw you
    long-term earning potential with the other! It’s Magic!

  32. Another way the drug war hurts kids is that it separates families. When a
    parent(s) go to jail or rehab for a drug conviction their children are
    claimed by the state and put into foster care. The child then becomes a
    source of income for any receiving family and may even be treated worse by
    the new caregiver(s).

  33. @98nafets – you mean liberals are the least consistent, not libertarians.
    Libertarians are consistent in decriminalising drugs AND against universal
    health care, sugar tax, etc. Libertarians are for everyone to be
    responsible for their own health.

  34. Im so sick of hearing this what about the children argument its based on
    emotion and fear when fact alone should be the evidense. Kids that want to
    expieriment with drugs will do so regardless of legality. As far as crime
    goes the risk of getting caught drives up the price drasticlly therfor also
    crimes used to get money to buy drugs you dont need to have a phd to figure
    this out its just plain logic.

  35. @98nafets I agree with you. I think that health care should fully cover all
    the diseases which are NOT caused by people’s habits, but shouldn’t include
    diseases which are caused by people’s habits.

  36. It is decades past the time to relegalize the recreational drug trade and
    end this war on drug(user)s.

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