Hurry gun nut convicts! Head right on down to West Virginia and get your piece NOW!


Flaw in New West Virginia Gun Law Allows Criminals to Purchase Firearms

A new law that makes it easier for West Virginia residents to buy a handgun also makes it easier for some people who have recently committed a crime to buy a gun. The new law allows anyone who obtains a new concealed weapons permit to buy a gun without undergoing a federal background check. It’s a gun nut’s wet dream come true.

According to WSAZ, a check is required to get the permit, so supporters of the change say a second check is redundant. But permits are only good for five years, so that means  if someone is convicted later of a crime which would typically bar a gun purchase, they can still buy one by showing the permit to the dealer. The permit is supposed to be revoked if someone becomes ineligible to buy a gun, but there’s no effective mechanism to enforce that. This is a big win for the NRA. The gun organization should be proud. This is what happens when you continue to saw away at gun regulations in states which already have lax gun laws. That, “Gun control won’t stop criminals from Continue reading →



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