Fox Five Give Oprah a pass for dismissing ‘Overly Sensitive’ atheists – VIDEO





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I’m an atheist and Oprah is talking out of her arse when she implies that we dont look at things with awe or appreciate natural beauty. Should she apologise to us atheists for her comments? Not at all. If that’s her opinion then she’s welcome to say that. But what I can say on her opinion is that she’s totally wrong.


They are right that Oprah doesn’t need to apologize. Oprah meant no offense, and I am sick of the idea that as individuals we can DEMAND apologies from other people who we’ve never even met in our life.

Oprah’s comment is slightly insensitive, because no one has a right to tell others what religion they are. And I suspect “The Five” would feel differently if Diana told Oprah “well that means you aren’t Christian, if you don’t believe in a bearded man in the sky”.


Does Fox try and choose the most brain washed girls available? haha so insane

Herrin Larkan

But you’re in the arrrgghh. What the hell does that mean?


That fat oaf needs a fist to the jaw.


Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean they didn’t “make any sense”.


In my world, there is NO God and there is no need for a belief in something that’s unfounded and unproven. If people choose to believe this (What I perceive to be nonsense) ideology, I say have at it, but don’t inject it into my life and overall don’t try to control my life with these unfounded and unproven archaic beliefs and we’ll be good.

DeRon Vejay

Yeah well, its you, an obtuse and narcissistic know-it-all cunt.

Doray Fazol

Yeah, well it’s FOX, extreme right bigot channel.

Doray Fazol

Yeah, well it’s FOX, extreme right bigot channel.


“Catholics SAID,” meaning in the past I.E. middle-ages. So unless you lived in or studied middle-age Catholicism then no, you probably haven’t heard it. I know there are and have been Catholic animal lovers, and most people don’t slaughter animals these days. I do “bitch” about halaal and kosher butchery by Muslim and Jew “savages.” Thanks for the advice though.

Matthew Larsen

Atheists dont care where you practice your religion we just don’t want you using our tax money to peddle your delusions in our schools and governments. and as for Xmas??? Lets turn it back into the winter/summer solstice celebration it used to be before it got hijacked by the christians.


What’s an Oprah? Who gives a shits about an Oprah?

911SMOM .

Oprah is retarded for atheists,… and christians.


what kind of bullshit is that? I was raised Catholic and never heard the crap you’re insinuating Catholics are supposed to “say” about slaughtered animals. I’m sure there are plenty of Catholics who are animal lovers and don’t slaughter them all over the place. You want to bitch about the slaughter of animals, talk about the cruel way of halal slaughter by muslim savages!

Robert Geldof

Oprah is so important, guys. Let’s talk about her, and the things she says.


Defend Paula deen again, don’t wast your time with racist Winfrey.

Morey Leeming

I don’t believe Oprah should apologize, The Atheist are the first to bash Christians for their beliefs, If they had their way Christian’s would only be aloud to practice their religion in their homes or churches. Xmas would not be allowed, why because it doesn’t fit into their agenda. I am sick of how non Christians stereotype us. The only thing left in this world that is beautiful is nature and wildlife. But don’t worry Men will destroy that. Why, for money, power and greed.


Catholics said that the squeals of slaughtered animals were no more than the sounds of iron being forged. Since when do all Christians believe nature is something wonderful? Last I checked, there were a great many decrying the “things of the Earth.”

Deshiia Coleman

Neither one of these women made any sense when they were talking so getting upset about it is absolutely pointless.


Oprah Winfrey is not a Christian, she doesnt believe in a Christian judean God, Atheist have at her.


Based on what Oprah is saying, she doesn’t really believe in God either.

Tim Owens Owens

Fuck Oprah,oldass hag

T Bert

Lol they can fuck off


Eric Bolling is an idiot.