As usual, Faux News proves that they have their finger on the pulse of US racial issues… – VIDEO


Fox Host Makes Ridiculous Comment About ‘Black Culture,’ Activist Responds Forcefully (VIDEO)

What was supposed to be a debate at Fox News’ Houston station quickly escalated into a shouting match after a white Fox host made the mistake of telling a black activist that “black culture” was responsible for the infamous desk-flipping body slam a cop performed on a Spring Valley High school girl in South Carolina.

During the Tuesday “Face Off” segment, Republican pundit Angela Box asserted that Deputy Ben Fields, who was fired for his violent actions, should have been able to keep his job. According to Box, manhandling and throwing a 16-year-old girl across the room was just Fields “doing his job.” Box also insisted that the student was “no innocent little lamb” and cited “black culture” as the root cause of police brutality. She said:

“It’s time we start addressing the root cause of all this. The disrespect of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.”

Black activist Quanell X, who had sat quietly while Box gave her outrageously racist opinion, calmly stated his approval for Fields’ termination, and also said he felt the officer should have been indicted.

“Ms. Box, nobody supports a disruptive student in a classroom because it stops other kids learning. But what I do have a problem with is, men should never handle a woman like the way that cop handled that little girl, to turn that desk over the way he did, grab her around her neck, then grabbed that child and threw her across the room, that is unbecoming of a man with decent character and conduct.”

Then Quanell X tried to address Box’s statements about black culture.

“Now for you to say that we need to deal with the culture of black kids in schools. Let’s deal with the culture of these crazy fanatic white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot and kill everybody.”

As South Carolina is still coming to terms with the June shooting of nine black churchgoers by white supremacist Dylann Roof, this is a completely valid statement to make. But a Republican will never want to hear the truth, and will respond by getting loud and angry instead.

A furious Box tried to shout over Quanell X, but he kept going:

“Columbine, killing the kids at the [Sandy Hook] elementary school, the shootings in other cities across the America have all been crazy little white boys shooting up innocent people so let’s study that culture!”

With her insanity quickly gaining momentum, Box retorted by blaming Democrats for destroying black families and their “self worth.” She screamed, “Address the black culture, the perpetual chip on your shoulder, blame whitey!”

Quanell X advised the GOPer to “show some manners” before correctly asserting that fanatic white males were more disruptive to schools than black culture. Box, who was once a former teacher but resigned after publicly announcing that she wanted President Obama to die from Ebola, told Quanell X:

“When you go in these inner cities and start teaching there, you let me know. Then you can have something to say about it.”

Quanell X replied, “I went to inner city schools!” before adding a final insult: “And at the end of the day, there’s wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching at inner city schools.”

Here’s a video of the shouting match, courtesy of Raw Story:


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