French TV news rips GOP morons a new asshole… – VIDEO


French TV SLAMS Conservatives For Politicizing Paris Attacks: ‘Newt Gingrich, Shame On You’ (VIDEO)

As France continues to try to pick up the pieces after experiencing what is being described as the worst terror attack in a western country since 9/11, America’s right-wing was busy spewing toxic hot takes on social media.

French media put on a master class in how to conduct responsible, measured journalism in the face of chaos and fear. At the forefront was France 24, a network that brought continuous coverage of the ongoing terror attacks to viewers both in the country and to the rest of the world. Occasionally, they would offer perspectives from across the world, showing tweets and messages of well wishes from those across the planet hurting right along with France. Unfortunately, they also stumbled across America’s aforementioned right-wing sewage dump.

Wasting no time, conservatives spent the night competing with each other to say the most offensive, idiotic things they could about the attacks – even while violence was still unfolding in Paris streets.

Mother Jones compiled a list of some of the worst offenders. Many of the usual suspects were there:

Newt Gingrich.

Ann Coulter.

Rob Lowe?

But while America has grown disturbingly used to this kind of opportunistic politicizing of tragedies from conservatives, the French media seemed completely taken aback. And rightfully so. This was a time to ensure people were safe, mourn the victims, and convey facts. American conservatives used it to score cheap points to further their agendas.

After seeing Gingrich’s pitiful stab at turning France’s tragedy into a way to sell more American guns, France 24’s Mark Owen was both baffled and outraged.

“So he’s using this atrocity to make his point [that] people should be able to carry guns basically. It’s funny how people will very distastefully use this kind of situation to express their own particular political [inaudible]. Newt Gingrich, shame on you.”

Watch the surreal moment below, via Buzzfeed:

As we’ve seen before, conservatives couldn’t wait to make France’s tragedy an excuse to further their own agendas. Unable to understand things like context and sensitivity, they managed to again become a national embarrassment to an international audience. As France begins the long struggle to heal, the last thing they need is for American conservatives exporting their ignorance to French shores. It’s no surprise that the journalists in France have little time for a guy like Newt Gingrich.

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