What the fuck did I just watch?

Note: I’m in Thailand at the present time, and didn’t get to watch the final debate replay until just this evening. 

What the fuck did I just watch?

No, seriously. What the fuck was that???

That wasn’t a debate. Granted, the previous two debates weren’t debates either, but this one…

This final debacle went into the furthest remote reaches of the batshit universe than we previously ever could have imagined was possible.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The snorting, wheezing, utterly delusional imbecile has shown himself to be what we’ve always known him to be, in no uncertain terms.

*SNIFF* All those horrible women who claim I grabbed and groped them are part of this vast conspiracy!!! *SNORT* *SNIFF*

This freak of nature is a narcissistic, delusional, sociopathic and one very STUPID monster. His defects, denials and deficiencies have no bounds measurable by physical science.

He has utterly no sense of decorum, no sense of shame, no sense of even the simplest levels of logic. We already knew that he was utterly devoid of class or even the remotest basic accumen of human decency. Let’s not even get started on his abysmal grasp of geopolitics 101.

To have this clueless, misogynistic piece of shit try to purport himself as even remotely qualified for the White House, is in my humble opinion, the lowest point the US has ever reached.

Yes, even lower than the farce of an election that the GOP war criminal machine pulled off in 2000 and 2004.

Then, to have this fucking psychopathic monster stand on that dais and yet again, threaten to NOT accept the outcome of this now-hopefully-sealed-in-doom-for-him election, defies all logic, precedent, and what the now-even-more-fragile-than-ever republic is supposed to stand for.

And Chris Wallace, what exactly the fuck were you doing at that 90-minute shitshow?

Must… obey… my corporate overlords. Fuck my journalistic integrity!

You sure as hell weren’t moderating a debate. Between your clearly biased questioning, and your woefully unbalanced moderating not to mention your borderline negligent lack of control of the fucking sociopathic monster, who you repeatedly left to heckle and babble over the only candidate on the dais that displayed a modicum of common sense and statesmanship, all I can say is… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???

To say the least, trust me… it’s clear who you fucking work for.

As crazy as it sounds, I used to have some kind of respect for you being one of the few “real” journalists at that sausage factory of a news network.

No more.

You’re a corporate right-wing whore, and a media operative who is devoid of any integrity whatsoever.

And Hillary. Sorry, to say this, but despite your superior performance, you disappointed me too.

He’s such an alpha-male… *snort*

Yes, while you managed to effectively salvo the shitfaced psychopathic monster several times with sound arguments, well-executed zingers and responses that clearly minced him in his already well-buckled knees, you really should have punched back harder. You should have come out of there proverbially screaming and cat-scratching, like a maniacal banshee while repeatedly kicking him square at his non-existent sac.

Don’t worry, I get that you employed Obama’s strategy in his last two debates with Romney back in ’12, which basically entailed letting your opponent talk himself into a hole. But see, he did that with an opponent who actually knew that he was actually involved in a debate.

Your opponent, not so much.

Come on, there were SEVERAL instances when simply hitting him with a 2-second factual retort would have destabilized his pathetic ass even more than it already was. This was your chance to utterly slaughter the beast, and you did a half-ass job.

Nonetheless, I still give you props for just not completely losing it, then jumping over to the bloviating and snorting opponent’s podium, to proceed pummeling him with it, until his skull was splattered all over the lovely blue carpet.

It would have been worth it, but nonetheless I admire your restraint.

In any case, I sincerely hope that this political meltdown now continues to work its way into the ultimate frothy frenzy of mayhem and discord, effective enough to defeat that out of control sociopath/piece of shit.

I’m now about as confident as I’ll ever be that the imbecile has hammered the last few critical nails into his own coffin.

I’m also somewhat comforted to see the utterly INSANE RNC doing everything they can to throw him under the bus and disown him. Although it’s far too little, too late. May the virulent pox that it has wrought upon itself continue its inflammatory pus-fueled journey into the last vestiges of any remaining viable elephantine tissue that remains.

But even then, it still won’t be justice enough for allowing this freak of nature to get as close to the nuclear codes as he has. So may the GOP implosion/combustion be as comprehensive and complete as scientifically and mathematically possible.

Burn, motherfucker, burn.


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It’s like watching a runaway train full of screaming clowns heading right at another runaway train full of dildos .then…..KA-BOOM …..Screaming clowns and dildos everyfuckingwhere.


Whatever gives you that idea? 😛