Funny how that works. Watch, the gun nuts are gonna try to dissect the numbers. :P




  1. Jesse, sorry but that’s NRA idiocy. Swimming pools are not designed to kill. Guns are. That’s the main difference, and the problem. They have no other utility or value other than to kill. So when a gun is used on the owner or someone in the household, it’s still just doing its job.

    And READ what the meme says. It CLEARLY says that owning a gun INCREASES your chances of death vs an unarmed person. Not DECREASES. Therefore it’s clear that owning a gun doesn’t make you safer. Not in the least. Simple math dictates.

    Swimming pools, cars, and every other red herring item that gun nuts come up with as a comparison DO have other uses. So, yeah, not even close to the same argument.

    Come on, you know better than to use NRA-bullshit arguments out here. 😛

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