“Funny things Atheists say” – William Lane Craig – VIDEO


Do not be offended by this video, it is simply for entertainment. Full Debate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuKZjMU0h30.



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sammy hales

Funny things “atheists” say:
1. Believing in things with no evidence is delusional.
2. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
3. There are plausible arguments for a biological basis of morality.
4. Believing ancient fiction is as delusional as believing modern fiction.
5. If prayer had real power, experiments should not have shown that they
6. Reasons to believe in Yahweh also apply to other gods including the
Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Oh yeah? Well, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! Checkmate atheists!

Rose NoHo

There is no evidence for god, so I reject belief in him.

Sebastian B.

“arguments some atheists use to support their ideology”
Oh man… I am tired of explaining this to people:
atheism has no ideology. It is just the lack of belief in something. All I
have in common with the rest of atheists in the world is that we don’t
believe in god.
Saying that we have an ideology is like saying that not believing in santa
is an ideology.

Mark Marsh

William Lane Craig is a disgusting lying asshole. He disables the comments
sections of all of his videos so that you can’t contradict his bullshit. I
just watched one in which an audience member asked him about why Horus had
the EXACT SAME divine origin biography as Jesus and he denies that that was
true even though he knows very F***ING well that that is true of them and
between 30 and 40 other pre-Jesus pagan Messiahs. He is a disgusting
propagandist prick, with no integrity whatsoever.

Gaudio Wind

Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidences because only
extraordinary evidences will make that event probable, of course. For
example, the probability that the witnesses are actually lying about the
resurrection of anyone is much higher than the resurrection itself. And
that’s why even Christians don’t believe any other resurrection despite the
existence of reports. Actually, if Jesus had truly come out from the deads,
wouldn’t it be highly probable that the romans themselves would became
Christians right away, including the Pontius Pilate and even the Roman
Emperor himself?

Mak Don

I see evidence of God existence, all over the place 


Atheism does not need any “support”. It is the natural condition that every
child is born with. Religions and irrational superstitious beliefs have to
be taught to children. Rational thinking is what comes naturally to
intelligent people, unless they are insane.

Donald Nadeau

What a master bullshitter Craig is, an exceptional lair. The burden of
proof is on the one proclaiming the extraordinary claim.

Elijah Olson

Dr. Craig is the man; he puts things so succinctly with his debates. When
looking at the evidence/reasons/explanations both for and against God’s
existence, it’s so hard to deny God’s existence.


The question and issue which the lying fool on the left posits from 11:00 to 11:30 is *the* proof of what *LIARS* atheists are! I *ROUTINELY* tell atheists that the Internet has more evidence–verified, proven, illustrated with video, documented with every sort of sensory evidence and eyewitnesses, than *these lying fools have time to examine if they SPENT THE REST OF THEIR LIVES DOING IT!!* yet these scumbag liars *avoid, refuse to examine, deny and pretend* that it’s just not so, when *anyone* can simply type in “miracles by Jesus today* or literally (from) dozens to hundreds of specific identifying… Read more »

Adam Craig

Awesome. =) Dr. Craig is amazing, and does his job very skillfully. Lo, and behold, proof does exist, but the one who has it has been revealed. He’s been showing it to a very select few individuals—who still don’t believe they’re seeing anything more than a few random colors on a blurry camera… OR they believe it’s complete photoshop. =) So, to answer what/how much would it take to support the existence of God, the statement I make is that no evidence (short of the day of the Lord coming upon us) will be enough to move any disbeliever.

Liam L

whenever someone tells me they are an atheist i start laughing – i cant
take them seriously at all


Thanks for posting. It really is funny to hear and I’m all for a good
laugh. I only hope others hear this and reach a similar conclusion but then
continue to search for God and come up with their own questions rather than
repeating common atheist objections ( especially the ones that are so
ridiculous ) and maybe we can get rid of the Lord Of The Rings analogies.


I enjoyed this. It did give me a chuckle. Thanks!

Poet of the Light

Atheist moving goal post and rules of requirement after making up their own
word definitions contrary to reality. Atheism delusion in motion. 

Mark Gable

I use to think the same way. If everything came from gases and
matter, then something had to create the matter. But this is flawed
thinking. The creator would need to be a highly complex creature that
“popped” into existence, whereas the big bag is more like evolution from
the simplest of forms.
As far as Christ goes, I know longer think he existed at all. Jesus never
wrote anything, and not one person wrote anything about him during his

{Marcus} Thee Encourager

One word for evolution….. Bankrupt!

James Barclay

Think what we have is a demonstration of the “intractible nonsequitor”,
that is, an argument of set of arguments based upon the false belief that
they each have some cogent connection for debate or belief. Instead and in
actuality they are mutually exclusive. Also, listening to a debate such as
this gets rather boring rather quickly.

luke villarreal

why are atheists (claiming intellect) ….so stupid?


This atheist debater got severely exposed by WLC. 

Tom Walter

You can make WLC flashcards for whenever he uses his favourite buzzwords and approaches to debate (usually by thanking the audience member asking a question) “I really appreciate..” “what’s striking..” “ASTONISHING”. Every video ever. Every video.. EVERY TIME.. also turning round the question to Straw Man it and make it seem like whatever has just been said supports his position and dismiss the counter claim. Also, the maker of this video can’t spell correctly, doesn’t understand the hypocracy and irony of this video and why the rational people in this video struggle, because the questions are so idiotic generally and… Read more »

Emily Plett

if i saw that bald man on the street- I would automatically know he is an


+nunya baznus Here’s functional, historical, etymological, academic, and popular evidence for the correct definitions of ‘Atheism’ and ‘Agnosticism’. Neither proposition is compatible with the other nor with Theism. Also take note of the citation from *Oxford English Dictionary” since this is *not* the compact version, it corrects the false definition given in that sole professional dictionary on the planet, and gives no less than *eight historical citations from the last five-hundred years* that call substantiate the position academics have been defending since Anthony Flew tried this swap in 1984. *Agnosticism, functional explanation* Here are two propositions that cannot both be… Read more »


It’s nice to see him use the same script for every talk he gives. Where is
the evidence that all other gods and goddesses are fake and his mythology
is true. What an idiot WLC is. 


This video was amazing. William L. Craig never ceases to amaze me at his brilliance. He is so eloquently spoken and calmly composed when approached with a question and always gives direct answers that are clearly well thought and delivered with great clarity. I did not catch the name of the other debate candidate but he was extraordinarily outdone by Craig in this video. He gave extremely vague answers that danced around the subject of the question itself or flat-out ignored questions and did not answer them. Often it seemed that his defence came down to a matter of how… Read more »

Arch Angel

Dr. Craig rocks – as usual! Even the bald guy at the end lost interest and
accepted defeat. “I have nothing to say” was classic. 


“What evidence would it take for you to believe God exist”
They will never answer this question truthfully. They have already decided
there is no God. They do not want to be held accountable for any of their
actions. Richard Dawkins admitted his reason for not believing. He makes it
clear sexual freedom is more important than God. I’m sure that is the
reason for most atheist. However each have their desires that are more
important. None of them want to be held accountable for their actions. 

Angela Sachs

If we Christians are on trial….then we are innocent until proven
guilty….which means the prosecuting attorney (Atheist) are the ones whom
have to Prove us Guilty and they are the One’s who have to Bring
Evidence…..Not the Believers….. 


It’s quite childish and shallow to hear that a whole generation have
adopted Richard D. argument of ” Spaghetti monster” . Just shows how little
this generation searches for the real truth. 

sammy hales

Mysterious P: Internet atheists have turned into a raging fundamentalist cult-like group that repeat slogans ad nauseam: like tides don’t prove god, and neither do earthquakes. They also say people can be moral without god, but how do they explain the righteous massacres of Moses, the Georgetown cult, and David Koresch? Despite the atheist shouting about how they’re open to change, they’re demonstrably not. They repeat the same slogans over and over: reason, human rights, education, progress, and the pursuit of happiness. And even though WLC constantly pleads for mass infanticide as a good and godly act, the arrogant atheists… Read more »


Funny thing about prayer and health. Take a gander.

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