Genetically Modified Skeptic: Should We Reform Islam, or Defeat it?


Should Islam be reformed, or should Islam be defeated? Reformers like Maajid Nawaz and Imam Mohammad Tawhidi argue that Islam can reform like Christianity and Judaism have, while doubters and atheist activists like Armin Navabi say that Islam needs to be left behind. Is apostasy from Islam the only answer? Can the Quran and Hadith be reinterpreted to accommodate secularism and liberal values? Organizations like Quilliam International fight for that reality, but will they succeed? Liberal Muslims, ex-Muslims, and atheist activists may all share an affinity for secularism, but don’t always agree on how to persuade conservative Muslims to think the same. This is a brief comparison of Islamic reform versus doubt and defeat.

No idea is above scrutiny and no people are beneath dignity. – Maajid Nawaz


This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA



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Genetically Modified Skeptic

What do you think? Should Islam be reformed, or defeated?

Chameleon Rat

defeat islam! the contents of al quran is a copy from sumerian, mayan , romen and from many more religions before it but the creater of that quran has a trick to lure the the followers that is to grant them with 72 virgins. slowly but surely islam will fall just like the other religions before it. built a self charging vehicles all over the world then oils won't be too important anymore.


If someone who used to be a fundamentalist stops being such, or more people opt for a less fundamental adherence to religious teachings, that is already a good thing.

That said, defeating a religion intellectually is still the way to get there.

Maxim Mihailovic

Boy, oh boy, what a shitstorm I see coming…

Griffly Art and Gaming

Oh look and ad for Muslim Singles!

Sado 22

What do you do when most Muslims, like Mehdi Hassan, believe Islam does not NEED reform (when it most clearly does)??


Your honesty is admirable.

Joel Hassig

Destroy it. Did we try to reform nazism or Japanese imperialism? No, we destroyed them.

joseph fulks

What western peoples (I mean mostly Christians) needs to do is leave it alone.Almost it's whole history every time it gets reformed from the inside Westerners have been messing with it.

Skinny Leg Pocket

your light makes it look like you have a line of white through your hair. it looks really nice. dye it!

Ben Dover

I mean several Islamic countries were "modern" in the 50s-70s then a bunch of backwards thinkers got in power. I think it can be reformed granted Islam is the only religion I think has been reset multiple times so…

Razar Campbell

@Genetically Modified SkepticThere's something you should know (though I freely admit, you might already know it without me knowing you know it…):To a muslim, there's nothing more abhorrent to them- possibly excluding apostates- than an atheist. They call us "Kaffers." It's the same word south Africans use as an insult and means the same thing; Godless person (I believe the word travelled the length of Africa as a slur and found a home in every nation along the way). To a muslim, a 'Kaffer' isn't a person. They've lost their soul, they believe in nothing, etc… It's worse than being… Read more »


Religion needs to be 'defeated'. Your obsession with one of the Abrahamic religions is making you look more and more like a bigot. Look at this comment section to see the kind of people you are inspiring.

Razar Campbell

Something tells me that this is the EXACT same discussion that Jews and 'pagans' were having a millennia ago during the inquisition (though christianity was the object of their ire, whereas islam is the object of ours).
In so saying, looking at christianity CAN give me hope for islam to be redeemed, but then I see things like the Westboro baptist church and I can't help but think "why bother?"

David Shaw

So, if a few people ideologically and logically 'defeat' Islam do people really think that all muslims will just shrug their shoulders and become athiests? Me neither.

Caren Ami

I find these vids hard to follow, and I finally figured that it is probably because they use written language read out load. Just a somewhat arbitrarily picked example: 11:22 The largest difference between the approaches is obviously that reformers believe that some form of Islam can or should be preserved in the process of solving the problems within Islam, while doubters think otherwise. It's a sentence that is even somewhat difficult to parse under reading, let alone when listening to.


Islam is not worth reforming. Islam is not an identity. Islam is not the patient that's awaiting treatment, it's the parasite that's eating the patient. Islam is the extent to which a humanity can fall and lie for the sake of sex and booty. Islam has no spiritual significance. Islam is pure poison…

Chance Wiese

Reform within religions which are based on the original teachings/doctrine of a person, or group, based on an original ancient text which is not allowed to be altered is only possible if the reformers believe they are going back to that original teaching, reverting away from what they perceive as an altered, perverted version of the faith. The Protestant reformers did not view themselves as altering Christianity, but as breaking away from what they viewed as a corrupted Church. They sought to "purifier" themselves by going back to what they believed to be the original teachings of Christ, and his… Read more »

Zarion 11

The Qu'ran is the word of god. There is no debate here. Literally.

Here we go 9:58 Understand these words.
14:14 On your thoughts. I can answer that. Do you think cops come over and get your cat out of the tree? Life is not the Cosby show or Ozzie and Harriet.

Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez

We should defeat it, but since that's impossible (religion can't be defeated, really, it can only be rendered impotent) we should pressured it so much that it has no solution other than reform itself.


Dearest Islam its a cancer along with all other religions its pathetic nonsense people need to grow up

Major T. Poirier

You can't polish a turd, reformation simply isn't on the cards. Not in our lifetimes.
I would settle for NOT importing it, but that's apparently too "racist" for people who want to bury their heads in the sand.

Michael Mcdowell

How do you start a movement like this in a country where apostasy is punishable by death? Idt I would do something I may be killed over

Michael Mcdowell

Are u sure about that

John Oliver

Islam, like most religions, are either hollow or mostly rotten, with only a few small pieces left that are edible. its not worth salvaging when there is a variable garden of Eden located inside modern secular concepts, ethics and practices.
trash has its place. and that place is not on the dinner table.
reform is just a helpful stepping stone to defeat. both should be attempted where best applied, but defeat should be the ultimate goal for a reasonable, rational and stable world free from unjustified and even dangerous beliefs.