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Wrong. We are all orn #Pantheists.

Photo: holesinthefoam: We are all born atheists… http://t.co/9BgTduA5Jz http://t.co/AmWe4YqqE5

Wrong we are all born believing nothing.

That’s pantheism, foo’ 🙂

We are born not knowing the difference b/t us and our environment (Nature)…

No, that is atheism.

You should learn what pantheism actually means before you try to debate on it.

a doctrine which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.
the worship or tolerance of many gods.

You didn’t get this from the Oxford dictionary. Nature is all there is; “God” is just the title we eventually learn. The definition is too subtle for ideologues like yourself. Enjoy your ignorance…

RT @holesinthefoam: We are all born atheists… – http://t.co/XRvYkyR7uP #Atheism #Gervais http://t.co/PS3EZF5EYR

Yeah I am the ignorant one. 🙂

The only ideologue here, is you. To the point where you are using words that you don’t even understand their meaning.

If you can’t debate on facts or substance, don’t bother commenting. 🙂

You’re obfuscating your own argument. It’s hysterical. 😀