Global News: Scuffles break out at pro-Brexit, yellow vest rally in central London


Scuffles broke out during a pro-Brexit rally in London on Saturday after hundreds of demonstrators wearing yellow vests took to the streets in the UK capital. Police needed to intervene after both pro and anti-Brexit protestors clashed near Trafalgar square with both sides wearing high-visibility jackets in an imitation of the French ”yellow vests” movement.



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kevin pratt

What has been the police response to Muslim crime? Note the difference! Interesting isn't it?

Elyk Regna

"Nazi scum off our streets". I'm all for a good protest but I don't get how we have entered this world of world war 2 factions becoming the norm for labelling groups. I just find it so odd. It's everywhere as well which makes it more odd. Everyone compares everything to world war 2 yet worse has happened before and after. The phrase "narrow scope of reality" comes to mind.

FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom

There seem to be far more pro BREXIT campaigners out there nowadays.

Michael Collins

Have a word with the 'illegal observer' in the hat – red hair at your age mate ? You should be ashamed .


Does anyone really know what side they are on?

Bora Bora

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi is to blame

John A. O E

This is great we have nothing to loose they accuse us of everything racist,sexist,and blah blah blah which is a lie,might as well fight back we have nothing to loose they will still call us every evil thing,and the fake news will tell u that Europeans hate Trump which I knew was bullshit,i hope Trump is watching this the ending was awesome,these people would love to have trump as their president and over here he's for the people and half of them are braindead and brainwashed and want and demand him to be impeached for nothing just because they don't… Read more »




Hooligans will be hooligans, I guess.

SRV. 123

Is this a funeral or wedding celebration.? hehe

C L Van Horne

I HaTe GLOBAL News(FAKE SHIeTe'),…as it causes me to PUKE & Nauseated set to speW!

C L Van Horne

SuRRepTiTiouS FRom the VaRiouS PRonG-FoRKs, of YouR eNeMy, which ReiGN OeR ye!
U musT reMaiN eTeRNaLLy soBeR ViGiLanT "GuaRDeD Lest ye be un-GuaRded!" JEB.
U see hoW menacinGLy they sneak-in theN taKe away Ur boy! OUR MaN,…JaMes th JuST!
WeLL TRusTinG BLeaTinG LamBs, many new-comeRs bLeaTing as if they had a right.
CauTioN the enemy are on alL sides watching for whom they moght consuMe! PRAY FAST!
PlenTy of fish oil distilled water & viGiLance…

True North Strong & Free

yellow vests are not racist. they are a multiracial patriotic group sick of the dictator government

C L Van Horne

So,…HeRe, once AGaiN! We see the sTudy this am compLeTe,…by the PiGGieS 'HanDLeRs' now they go to theiR preconcieveD' PReMeDiTaTeD' PHase TWo, wheRe the KiT~GLoVes coMe-oFF!…And The KEY MaiN GReaT PeaceLoVinG SHEPHERD has been reMoVeD,..U see FaKe NEWS last week LaBeLLeD JaMes GoDDaRD the "LeaDeR" This MoRNinG They TooK-hiM-in! INto unLawfuL cusToDy! WHeRe's LeGaL RePReseNTaTioN, ReAsoNAbLe PReseNTaTioN w/o CoeRcioNs………………? Why,…They don't DO THINGS THaT-WaY!

True North Strong & Free

yellow vest are what happen when your government use and abuse you…. look out TRUDEAU you are a user also and the yellow vest movement Canada will only grow

T Yooo Typo