GMSkeptic: This Islamic Propaganda on YouTube is Insane


I found even more insane religious propaganda from a Muslim channel and had to respond to it.. This guy wants to get rid of freedom of speech and freedom of expression so that Mohammad, Allah, and Islam can’t be insulted. Maajid Nawaz once fell victim to this kind of radicalizing propaganda, which goes to show how influential it can be even to intelligent young people. Luckily, Maajid now speaks against extremism at his foundation, Quilliam International. Islamism like this hurts everyone, especially vulnerable young Muslims. To stop Islamism, we must come together to counter propaganda, criticize bad Islamic ideas, and defeat anti-Muslim bigotry.

Whether you like it or not, the right to offend is a must. Let’s follow the example of those like Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris in defending it and using it for the betterment of society.

This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.*



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Scott Plumer

Maybe we wouldn't hate them if they weren't such assholes.

Arpan Singhal

it IS illegal in India to speak against any religion and I literally feel choked up … I see so much of shit happening around me and just can't do anything about it.For the sake of an example of lack of freedom of speech, a journalist was arrested and is in jail without any option of bail for having made sarcastic comments about a temple.

Arachnocomemeism 1917

I think you glossed over the bit about "brutal aggression", he's obviously referring to the wars the west perpetuate that end up bombing innocent civilians. Although I thinks it's demonstrably stupid to compare this to a drawing of some dumb dead pedophile, but the western understanding of the middle East is a bit warped by our own ignorance and bias

Eunice Lobb

All religion is evil

lee mua nguyen

This is why SJWs love Islam, they both want to control everyone's thinking and behavior through censorship and repression of basic human rights.


This is the kind of people I wouldn't mind if they were killed. Those who are okay with killing, I'm okay with killing. I know it sounds hypocritical, but i don't care. Of course, arresting them and making them spend the rest of their lives in prison is way better.

Tito Chdry

Islam is a religion of peace….. off course it is.
A piece of you here, a piece of you there……

inappropriately aligned metaphorical nourishment

destroying civilization? ok.

female breasts? not ok.

Jennifer Isaacs

People that think being offended or offending others gives themselves some superiority complex are messed up. However it should remain a right to uave some way to publicly critisize and question, and this includes pointless tin foil hats claiming evwry shooting is a false flag.

Jennifer Isaacs

Some places people get accused of witchcraft even if they do never so. Later they end up dead or punished other ways because of such accusations. ( Present day in many countries besides historically speaking).

Tito Chdry

" successfully argue against islam" …no sane, educated person has time to argue against meaningless garbage called islam.
And thanks to the 1st amendment, you're on YouTube and not in jail.
You hateful, brutal moron.

Robert E

Blasphemy laws were created to prevent divine beings like Allah and Yaweh from losing arguments against mere mortals. And since these laws don't exist in the United States we get to hear the poor Christians and Muslims cry. Free speech is literally where their concept of "persecution' comes from.

Kieron Browne

Allah and Mohamed are wimps they can’t even handle a cartoon or a ham sandwich. Islamic blokes is a brainwashed petty gonk. Stop staying that stupid verse after each time you mention that decker Mohamed.

Kristy Gem Chua

They can offend but cannot be offended. . .

tim nic

The bottom line is: Islam is THE insane religion. Many muslims believe they have the right to MURDER people just because they criticize islam or draw cartoons about their prophet.You find that kind of violence in no other religion in 2019. Muslims are time bombs and should not be welcomed in our western world because they dont accept freedom of speech and other christian western values.. they should rather be thrown out of our countries if they justify terror.

John Sampson

Never piss off the Religion of Peace.


Fanatics like these care only about power, God or no God.

Aesithair Runekafi

You found a CIA outrage Video. Good for you!


Hizb ut tahirir are absolutely insane. They try and come from a sympathetic victim point of view and yet they support DEATH TO APOSTATES. They-are-CRAZY!! Fuck I hate these incredible morons

Steve Lee

Will there be Apostate Prophet?!