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Well said!

But don’t EVER RELY on there being a surgeon, a lifeguard, or a fireman being there when you need ’em ‘coz they’re human and fallible:

Don’t eat crap or abuse your body with cigarettes/alcohol/drugs/extreme and/or dangerous activities & you won’t need doctors; learn to swim and you won’t need a lifeguard; and clean your gutters and keep the scrub down and with a bit of luck you won’t need a fireman!

& be prepared to be a surgeon, lifeguard or fireman yourself in case of emergency!

James Nichols

same old repeated arguments. and one that comes from absolutely no understandin of the scriptured.

and regarding liars. iv been a liar, but have turned from such.
see, we who truly follow the scriptures that make the bible, we stay out of religion. we keep the 10 commandments. by this, we turn from wicked ways. and others can put more trust in us as a result as we can our creater.

where as you, you havent repented. your still wicked and a liar, so nothing you say can be trusted


Love the ‘religions are like sausages’ metaphor! Well said that man!



Been there; done that; it’s all crap!

The only way to separate religion from that book is to burn the bloody thing so it can stop creating ’em!

If your god is as he is characterized within its pages he is a sadistic, psychopathic, misanthrope who only created his ‘creatures’ so he could torture them & THIS, together with the scapegoat ritual in which he has his own son sacrificed to himself, is the source of your ‘morality’?

Every man is a liar, eh? Then why should anyone believe you?

James Nichols

see, all you non believers just have to seperate bible from religion. the bible condemns all the wicked that man is committing upon the earth… in the name of religion.

trust me, read it, and study hitorical and archeological evidence of its events. God tells us he is truth, and to help us have ‘faith’ he has given us prophecy fulfilled and the physical archeological evidence of events so that we can trust him. thats what our faith is built on. he calls every man a liar, is he telling truth?


To the bloke who suggested atheists hadn’t ‘considered all the evidence’ and suggests reading the bible, or the Koran or whatever, I’d say scriptures are not evidence; they’re propaganda!


Btw, I don’t dispute your assessment of Catholicism (apart from the false dichotomy between ‘true’ and ‘false’ religions that you would have us believe in…)

It’s just that, as there are so many religions, in the absence of any real evidence to prove ANY of them, I find it would be silly to privilege any of them with any credence at all and folly to believe in ANY of them!

You’re right when you say “The masses have been totally deceived…”

But you haven’t eh?

Very smart fella! 😉


You imagine there’s such a thing as a ‘true’ religion! And that YOURS (of course!) is the ONE AND ONLY True Religion and all the others are bullshit (though you may phrase it more politely…)

Strangely enough ALL the other religions view yours from PRECISELY THE SAME PERSPECTIVE… ie: Each one thinks it has The One And Only Truth and all the others, including yours are bullshit.

I think they’re ALL bullshit; and see little, if any, difference between them. All are enemies of reason!

James Nichols

i noticed that at least 2 of those athiests were ‘catholic’… no wonder they are so lost. catholicism is a false religion created by man to control masses. the roman catholic leaders DO NOT use the bible. they use their own twisted versions. no different from the quran. a twisted and altered version from the true scriptures that pre-existed them as religions. now… rome still rules the world. and they have altered history coming out of europe. the masses have been totally decieved

James Nichols

weak argument from the 1st athiest. same repeated arguments from little understanding. the bible explains all things within it. God made it that way. now picking at some scripture without the understanding, leads to false accusations and false doctrine being taught to others. of course, thats what satan does.

Nial Savant

1. The Universe beginning to expand along a world-line and the expansion not to be past eternal does not mean Space and Time begun to exist.
2. If you define a universe as the whole cosmos that we measure as per Hubble’s constant – then this almost certainly begun to expand.
3. However an expansion beginning does not mean Space and Time beginning nor came into existence.
4. Einstein’s space-time is eternal, and when it Inflates, stretches and expands it does not means it can come into existence.


A paramedic. A surgeon. A lifeguard. A fireman. All people who will save you in the real world. because all of these people are real. God isnt. idiots who believe in god should question how he allows misery and has no power to stop suffering. WAKE UP AND EVOLVE

Mark Jackson

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They always do this. The christians always do this. They always gloss over the slavery bit.  The old testament instructs that Israel may purchase slaves from the nations among them, and pass these slaves on as property between the generations.


sometimes rationalizing stuffs aren’t very smart
rationalizing is sometimes stupid
even rationalize question can be rationalize.. zz which leads to paradox..
Paradox it is… makes sense but not applicable

Danny Vasquez

The only person that can prove “GOD” exist is “GOD” himself. (Fun Fact) the Name/Label “GOD” is a made up name that mankind agreed upon over time to call this high supreme being we all know of. “The last time i checked the created does not name thy Creator, for the Creator names thy created” Amen This high supreme being spoke of himself as “I am who I am” this means what ever He presents himself to you as, than thats who He is. This high supreme being presented himself to Christ as a Father.

Danny Vasquez

The universe continues to restore itself so how can it have a beginning or an end? There is no finnished prodect in the universe for the Creator continues to restore. An Artist of this world has a master piece or a finished art piece but The Creator doesnt have a masterpiece nor a finished product because the creator continues to restore. Mankind will not look the same many years from now because mankind is not a finished masterpiece. The Earth was not a finished masterpiece nor is or will be


A problem literalists non-literalists have to face, is that which was raised, though not perfectly discussed by the panelists: if God is all-knowing, he *knew*, absolutely knew, with 100% certainty, that A&E were going to eat the forbidden fruit. From this follows, that God, knowing the indisputed outcome of the fruit test, is always the director of events.

Non-literalists – those who do not believe A&E were real people, are faced with why JC had to die, and so horribly, for our sins at all.


The atheist Delusion!

We can raise precisely the same objection against them and ask them, “If we follow the chain of causality back, we will ultimately reach the primary cause. Let us say that cause is not God, but matter. Tell us who created primary matter. You who believe in the law of causality, answer us Ws: if matter is the ultimate cause of all things, what is the cause of matter?

You say that the source of all phenomena is matter-energy; what is the cause and origin of matter-energy?”


Do you mind explaining what is your point with stereochemistry?
What does the chirality of proteins has to do with God?
Who hide it from whom?


@Vizo Linz.
Do you mind explaining what is your point with stereochemistry?
What does the chirality of proteins has to do with God?
Who hide it from whom?


this ithe height of stupidity,any beings who could arrive here on earth could not have the technology to change water into wine? or walk on water?dynamo the magician did it, is he a god? the lack of critical rational thinking on dawkins part is almost unbelievable yet heis the”face of atheism”? no wonder the bible states “the fool says in his heart there isno god. ness (researcher in clouds of the lord) would make dawkins look even more foolish.has shown conclusive evidence for god and jesus

Vizo Linz

When scientists say that they “want to do science and ask people not to bring in the creationist’s view”, that is a lie. There is a strong assertion that there is no God, not assuming that there is no God. There is a big difference here. They never tell you about chirality in proteins for all living things. Like all fascist dictators, you are only allowed to know certain things – not the whole truth. If science is about knowledge, then it has to rest upon facts, not politics.


Not all theist only those that take the bible literally. One of the leading evolutionary biologists Ken Miller who fought against creationism to be taught in schools is a devout Catholic. Many Catholics accept evolution and I believe many Muslims do as well to a certain extent. It’s largely the Christian fundamentalist/evangelicals that live in this false dichotomy of creationism vs evolution. I used to be one of them I feel very mislead that I was essentially lied to.


U think scientists are in some sort of conspiracy to reject any evidence because it might point to a creator? The point of peer review is to GET RID OF BIAS if a scientist discovers something an Independent scientist must reproduce the experiment to confirm it. There are many theist scientists and if there was even one experiment that even suggested a creator people would be jumping all over it. The scientific evidence is just not there. That is why U think U don’t need peer reviewed paper.


Not sure why thiests think that Evolution is the opposite of Theism?

Vizo Linz

You don’t need a peer review. It’s like asking the SS members whether Hitler is wrong and evil. You won’t get a good and honest answer from them anyway.


It has always struck me as ‘a convenience of the utmost suspicion’ that you happened to be suitably placed in the right social and cultural environment that just so happened to impart to you the one and only true ‘grand narrative’- lucky you hey!


@2:00ish- What is stated in Romans 1:19-20 is shear hegemonic arrogance and philosophical puerility- writ large! A tabula rasa experience of the world no more justifies the inference to Humpty Dumpty than to the myopically idiosyncratic Abrahamic God. If you were never or will never be exposed to the ‘written word of God’- due to cultural or temporal isolation then what happens to you? How can you defy or reject something you’ve never heard of?


“The true meaning of a term is to be found by what a man does with it, not by what he says about it” –p. w. Bridgman.


32:40 the deception of this professor is astounding. He has a slide saying “Evolution impossible: 12 reasons why Evolution cannot explain the origin of life”. Although I have not yet accepted/evaluated the claims of evolution I am smart enough to know EVOLUTION SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF LIFE. He might as well say “Driving impossible: 12 reasons why Driving cannot explain the origin of automobiles”


At 28:42 the Dr said “None of these theories offer an explanation of how the first matter or energy came into existence”. Is that really his evidence for God?!? I thought a man with his credentials would be smart enough to realize this basic logical fallacy ARGUMENT FROM IGNORNACE. Just because we do not know the answer doesn’t make your claim true. Please stop talking pointing out the flaws in other theories and just PROVIDE A SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF YOUR OWN!


I do not think the atheist side did a good job. They should have pointed out the logical flaws of argument a generic god rather than trying to attack the Christian god.


WRONG WRONG WRONG that is not how evidence works. Abiogenesis could be TOTALLY WRONG but YOU still have to provide scientific evidence for creation. So please provide the peer reviewed journal, falsifiable experiments, or scientific articles that support creationism. I am eagerly awaiting for the scientific data. BTW I have not accepted claims of evolution or abiogenesis either.


“I don’t know” is the answer of HONEST people. Atheist do not make up answer because it sounds good or “make sense” or feels right. Atheists understand the standard of evidence and they only accept claims once the burden of proof is met. Only children require answers to every question regardless of it being correct or incorrect. Adults should a have higher standards and they would rather hear “I don’t know” than the dishonesty of an unsubstantiated made up answer

Darren Carpenter

Here is a scenario were rape is good… All women start war with men women refuse to give birth. (Think like Amazonian Women) then for the survival of are race we rape which can be justified. Also rape is in the bible and is not once does it says it’s wrong so why do we feel it’s wrong.

Shafiq Khan

The adopted paradigm of physics under which God cannot exist has been proved fundamentally incorrect through published scientific articles and openly challenged. Under the alternative paradigm of physics which emerges after rectifying the fallacies of the adopted paradigm existence of God is obvious & evident and above all is a pre-requisite for existence & creation of universe. Standing (till date) open challenge could be seen at World Science Database & General Science Journal in my profile.

shane everard

Atheists get off the hook with the “I don’t know” as if that qualifies as a answer. Atheism is madness!


God ordered the taking of virgin girls as spoils of war. So rape is objectively moral since it is mandated by God? The Indians who raped the young girls on the train, how would we know that that was not heavenly sanctioned? God got rid of the entire human species and plant species, except for 8 humans in the flood. If that was moral, then how was Hitler’s holocaust immoral? If a father can burn down the house and killed almost everybody, can he judge his son who burned down the top floor?

Vizo Linz

Information is needful for any upgrading of organisms or things with functionality. Symmetry and functionality are traits of intelligence and design. They cannot be the products of brainless randomness. Whence have you seen a mindless randomness putting things in order? Entropy will tell you things tend to be in disorderly manner than being orderly and having the traits of complex organisation.


Why do so many religious apologists talk about science when they don’t understand it and know nothing about it?
Shouldn’t a god be as obvious and as easy to understand as a smile?


Let’s pretend that there is a cosmological theory T which happens to be true. Even if we were aware of T, what use would we put T to? Assuming one hasn’t, doesn’t and, can’t interact with the begging and the end of the universe what is the use of ‘having information’ about it?

Vizo Linz

But, the failure of abio crap is a fact. Unless you can give us an alternative view on our (including all living things) emergence, creation is the best explanation so far.

Ed's lah_rabia

the judeo-christian God is Jesus, isn’t he? here is another mislead teaching.. God the most high and almighty is not a man.. is has never taken upon himself a shape of a creature… cuz how can He descend from heaven, loose ALL the power to become a man and still hold life in his hand?

because the true God is not known, science and spirituality cannot match, cuz these debate are based on that jesus is God, WHICH IS FALSE!!!!


To my understanding Jesus (being initially Jewish) sought to overthrow- inter alia- two things he saw wrong with Judaism: 1. an ethnocentric god -a god who only cared for you if you were Jewish; and 2. a bureaucratic one- one that insisted on intermediaries such as organised religion, hierarchies: priests bishops, cardinals, popes, books (King James). “turn a leaf and you will find me eat a mushroom containing psilocybin and will be there”


I’m saying that the profile of the Judeo-Christian God is arbitrary. It’s one thing to believe in an unfathomably intelligent and personable architect of the universe- a very minimal set of attributions- but quite another to a myopically idiosyncratic and updated version of Yahweh.

Ed's lah_rabia

man remember this for future reference: Christ said “before Abraham WAS I AM”. verb tense don’t even make sense, but, the spiritual is eternal not the physical. the physical dimension is nothing but THE MANIFESTATION OF SPIRITUAL ACTIONS.. meaning, the effect drugs or mental illnesses have on people has its root in the spiritual. so, that u might go crazy is ordained from the invisible up to manifestation in the flesh!

Ed's lah_rabia

wait a min..! are u saying that for God to exist there must be evidence of isolated societies? not really.. men have been scattered across the whole world.. and from there developed they societies BASED on the spiritual entities they worship.. remember when the prophet ministered it was always to prove that there is only ONE almighty one… and the Spirit always challenged the idols. so yes men has suffered evolution, but mental and spiritual.. not phisical bcuz we were made perfect!!

I know dog exists….