God Forbid…


I find it refreshing that President Obama left out any mention of “god” in his Thanksgiving day speech, to say the least. At the same time, I found the backlash against the “ixnay” on the god-mention incredibly amusing. And, not at all surprising.

If you ask me, his speech was concise, and sensitive of ALL American’s beliefs, and non-beliefs for that matter. He walks the ludicrously fine line of mentioning “blessings” without naming any perceived or preferrred deity. Better yet, he pulled it off in a way where he doesn’t appear to be kowtowing to anybody, religious or secular. That’s not an easy thing to execute. It was a delivery that was brilliantly finessed. Slick and smooth. He manages to pull it off without making any real spiritual or religious connotations away from the speech, making it palatable to non-believers like me. It was a notable feat.

Of course, the conservative bible-thumping theo-crats jump all over him. They were outraged that he didn’t go far enough to use the word “god” anywhere in his address.

As if it matters at all. Of course it doesn’t. Why? Because the US is a country of many different beliefs, and non-beliefs. Of COURSE no particular “god”, whether it’s Zeus, Thor, Allah and yeah, even Yahweh, should be named. It’s the 21st century people, not the Bronze Age.

I’m happy to see that the number of non-believers continues to climb, though clearly not fast enough. And that the number of vocal atheists and freethinkers is on the rise. Hell, Obama himself practically outed himself rather intelligently in an interview before his election. He succinctly stated “My faith, leaves room for doubt.. ” To anyone whose mind is not clouded by some blinding faith in some mythical edeity, that is his exposing is agnosticism. But politics is an ugly institution, and it’s sad that no atheist or even agnostic can be voted into high office. So it was bad enough he had to align himself with a church just to get elected. But I guess if that’s what needs to be done, it is what it is.

Nonetheless, it’s sad that in this country someone can’t just say unequivocally that he or she is an atheist or agnostic. But that’s the way it is. So leave it to someone smart enough to convey to the OTHER smart people what they really believe, or don’t believe. 

This kind of thing needs to happen more in politics, and fast. Otherwise, we are fucking doomed. 


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