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Helen Branum

The sperm have free will of corse.

RT @holesinthefoam: God obviously relies on the … – http://t.co/vVeBiegRij #Atheism #Creationism #Evolution #NaturalSelection http://t.co…

RT @holesinthefoam: God obviously relies on the … – http://t.co/vVeBiegRij #Atheism #Creationism #Evolution #NaturalSelection http://t.co…

Because bukkake videos wouldn’t be half as awesome if it was only one sperm at a time.

All sperm cells (X&Y) have a chance to penetrate the egg & create life, even if God knows if it will be a boy or girl child.

What bearing does this have on any issue?

God if I haven’t got children at 35 does that mean that evolution has selected negatively against my phenotype.. Oh..scary shit.. Lol

Consider, if the best sperm won……

Reckon he runs a sperm bookies on the side n the angels place bets on which is gonna win.

Ummmm… huh? 😛


Its assholeism. Its like saying why are there so many people in China?

Maybe your Mom knows better than you but your going to fuck up anyway.

If it is in control, only put good sperm out there. Kill the others. Hey, it was very good at killing women, children, families, animals, etc. Should be able to stop bad sperm.

Logic? You want logic? If you have faith, you don’t need logic. Or facts.

I thought that was obvious…perhaps it takes a degree of intelligence to discern it?