Darkmatter2525 – God of the Paradox…- VIDEO


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Docktor Jim

God sent himself to Earth through the vagina of a rape victim so he could
sacrifice himself to himself and save us from himself, and he’s everywhere,
but when he comes back from not being gone, he’s going to kill us all!
Praise God! 


Watch out, I’m waving my water noodle.

Tray Dogg

people always say “If you Christians would just think you would see that the bible is nonsense!” but this isn’t true. because what’s nonsense to one person is completely reasonable to another. and just because you think something is stupid doesn’t make it fact. even if you take a religious viewpoint away. if you were to take over the universe and run it the way you see fit billions would hate you for it. they would think you were unreasonable wasteful and stupid. everyone has a different opinion on how things should be done so why do you believe an… Read more »

René XIV.

It’s supernatural! The explanation for every paradox!

Michael Iv

Why have omnipresence and omniscience when you already have omnipotence?

Lisa Bernier

What if I told you I can mathematically prove the universe was created in 6 days?? “In (near, with, and in proximity to) the beginning (at the start of time and the initiation of the process of existence, concerning first fruits and the head of the family), the Almighty (God) created (conceived and produced a new existence, choosing perfect transformation and renewed birth, planning, preparing, and producing) and was alongside and closely associated with the spiritual world (Heavens and abode of God) and the material realm (matter, the physical and natural world). (1:1) And the physical world existed as a… Read more »


thomas aquinas, perhaps the most influential christian philosopher,
explains the nature of god fairly well. his explanation is biblical, and
explains all of the mentioned paradoxes.

i believe an atheist arguing that there is no god without being aware of
aquinas’s works and ideas, is analogous to a theist arguing for a god
without being aware of darwin and his ideas. 

The Wise Servant

You don’t need a supernatural form, all you need is a quantuum physics form! “How can a timeless being make a decision when every decision requires at least two temporal states?” This can only be explained with modern science. We know from string theory that there are more than just the 3 dimensions that we can see. There are 10, and another for time. Other theories even say that time is a dimension of space. In any of these, a being who is able to precieve all of the dimensions could in theory control time as if it were a… Read more »

AiitoTV Wooz

I personally think you should cover more religions like Islam, Pastafarian,
Hinduism, and Judaism in their own videos. 

Joel Baldwin

If you take things out of context, of course it’s going to make no sense to
you or anyone else. I challenge everyone to understand the context before
they mock something, and to be openminded to the Bible. It’s actually a
very complex book, especially if you use the King James version, with
different wording than we use in modern times.


I like that fictional gods make more sense than gods in our world, mostly
because people actually make them entities that without power are possible
to destroy (Look at Raislyn who was powerful enough to challenge just about
any god that he chose, and almost achieved godhood himself). And the people
who came up with these fictional gods also apply limitations to their
power…idk I like the concept of DnD and Warcraft gods and goddesses more
than say Christianity and Islam.

Kelnorath Vas Narria

i only have 1 argument to that the tv show supernatural… other wise to


I lol’d so hard at the beginning haha. 

DanOfSteel I

I’m an atheist who goes to the UU church; and they played this video during
one of our small group meetings. They enjoyed it, Darkmatter. Of course, we
are mostly skeptics in that group. 

rusted needles

. If God is all powerful all knowing artist of the universe then he exist
beyond existence it self in a relm that humans will never be able to
measure witness or comprehend. Let’s say humans are ants god would be
Optimus prime on titan in a different dimension … honestly I don’t see
the purpose to try and argue god well except to stop ignorant people from
committing genocide becouse god told them too ….you know what …carry on

Wally VD Eynde

Shouldn’t that be the god of the Jews instead of the god of everything? 


Wow what a dead he must have dean. Dean of gods! That’s the most powerful
dean i’ve ever dean.


If god created everything then he must have a reason for his own
intelligence. Us humans were intelligently designed just like god, god must
want to know the reason for his intelligence don’t say he is Omniscient
there must be a reason why he is Omniscient. Then that must mean there is a
god’s god then god’s god would want to know the reason for their
intelligence too therefor making the gods infinite and never ending due to
the Omniscient loopholes.

Lisa Bernier

What If ? What if it tuned out that atheists were correct and that not one religious belief system was accurate ? Well if that were the case then these atheists would be in lock step with exactly what the Creator of the universe says in His Words. What if there was no religious deity that is real? Well again the atheists would be in total agreement with Yahowah (The Creator of all existence as we know it) What if atheists and all who advance the notion of religion in any way were both wrong ? Well according to Yahowah… Read more »

scott Kreifels

What is the name of that bone guy?


I liked the video, the ideas, however I dont agree with the very end. Supernatural, as you defined it, that it is what can be made up and destroyed by anybody, in fact isnt useless so its not unproductive. Your definiton fits for all fantasies, made-up stories, books. They are made up. But their symbolism helps us to a deeper understanding, makes us think, educate us. The Bibles only problem is that it is taken too seriously. If it wouldnt, it would be a great history book and it really shows a deeper understanding of human nature, our submissivity, agression,… Read more »


look, I’m a nihilist, I take the not believing in god business a step further than you atheists. While us nihilists may come off as “depressing” (just because most people find the objective truth saddening), you atheists are jus plain douchebags, coming off as pretentious as you try to disprove (very unconvincingly at that, like these videos) the Christian’s god’s existence. Like Jesus Christ, instead of being so concerned with making Christians look stupid, just worry about your own problems (and this is coming from a nihilist). All these “examples” doesn’t account for the fact that the accepted belief is… Read more »

Tristan Sam Julaine

This is funny. Some people can’t defend this one. If they can’t explain it,
they just say “Mystery, Supernatural”. I tried that one on a catholic
school. :)) and other relligious organization… God can be explained
throught science. with proper and extensive research If we are willing. But
some people rely on religious leaders and say “supernatural, mystery”.

Shlim GoldStein

if something was truly all powerful it could do anything and everything
including make paradoxes work

L of Rain

is that…miyamoto?

Abde Ssamad Ajdax

I love Waffles.

Bari Habi

the guy in the hoodie with no face has the sound in my head… i mean the
voice which plays when you try to read something or think… awesome!!!!!

Leo Jakšić

I just got an idea for a recurring scetch.
… provided I can find people to participate… which in all likelyhood
will never hapepn…


Huh. Ghosts are considered supernatural and I believe in them more than I
believe that there’s a god that cares about us. Religion is crazy and
poorly written.

Misnomer W

I love how the camera is moving – it’s like he’s really flying around
filming it. lol