Darkmatter2525: God’s Top 10 Life Hacks – VIDEO


God gives His very best advice for ways to live life with great tips and neat tricks! Remember to use bleach for the resulting blood stains.
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  1. God knows everything, exept what are life hacks.

    god, all those details, that's your best vid so far.

  2. The Conquest of the Abrhamic religions of Judish, Muslim and Christianity is to destroy all the other religions.

  3. AHHHHHH! Why? Why the vertical video? It's even more annoying that it was intentionally animated like this! Why dosent apple simply have the camera's FOV rotate by 90 degrees so the god damn video docent seem like it's being shot through a slit in a box reducing what you cna see to like, absoltuly nothing at all because the phone moves so much and the FOV is so tiny that nothing stays on screen or in focus?

  4. I think you have good intentions, but by framing morality in context of and in contrast to the biblical god again and again I think you are creating confusion. You're making excuses for things like the so-called freedom of religion in the US.

  5. The laws of the united states do not ensure children won't face consequences for finding another point of view or the information they need. The same with expressing their ideas as children or later in terms of economic consequences. So freedom of religion is a farce.

  6. i like the "don't kill" from Jeffrey.

    perhaps a few people will learn from this rule?

    may their weapon feel heavy when they are about to fire towards living targets
    may their finger be feelingless and weak at this very moment

    thank you God.

  7. Since it takes Darkmatter a while to do these cartoons, I don't know if he had Kim Davis in mind when he did the bit at 9:50 but it certainly applies.

    I should point out, that in the Old Testament times, The Sabbath was from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. Some Jewish sects still recognize that as the Sabbath.

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