1. I thought this was Atheists v Believers–not Believers v Believers… The
    inappropriate language seemed unfortunately “fitting” giving the lashing
    that he is getting from believers.

  2. @G man you know tha’ts a complete LIE! I was ill and unable to go to your
    channel, You refused to answer the questions of Chase and gambleor which
    were contingent upon the conversation. You are being arguementative and
    irrational. You are doing nothing that glorifies any god, particularly
    Christ. You want to keep putting all these ppl’s names in your mouth,
    including my own and John K, inaccurately describing both Roman Catholic
    and Eastern Orthodoxy? Really? Thought that’s what you were trying to get
    away from on your break?
    You want to claim you love Christ and are representing him with all your
    devisive and arguemtnative behaviors?
    Your method overrides your message, HIS MESSAGE!

  3. Your batshit crazy (gman etc..) mean attacks and bully tactics are only
    going drive epi right into our arms. I see no christianity as YOU people
    describe it, here. It’s all Epi, you’re stupid cause my hat says I love
    Gman, your pride/ego leaves no room for anybody else’s feelings and
    especially no room for just a moment of what you could use most: self

  4. Who was the individual who insisted that Catholic meant something having to
    do with Cats and form a pagan word? It means Universal.

  5. +GodTvRadioShow By Brett Keane – Click Here can you please allow for the
    white box to naturally flow to those who are speaking instead of having a
    particular person white boxes?

  6. I’m the atheist community, Gchild, and what I see is a badgering, prideful,
    egoistic, intolerant bully. And how you could possibly equate “You’re
    wrong, you’re wrong and believe exactly what I believe” to scepticism just
    shows how much you don’t understand beyond the sealed box some call your

  7. I guess Nephy doesn’t believe in uplift. The Dolomites: “Geologically, the
    mountains are formed of light-coloured dolomitic limestone, which erosion
    has carved into grotesque shapes. The resulting landforms include jagged,
    saw-edged ridges, rocky pinnacles, screes (pebble deposits) of limestone
    debris, deep gorges, and numerous steep rock faces at relatively low
    levels. Glaciated features occur at higher levels; 41 glaciers lie in the
    region. Many of the lower and more gentle scree slopes were once forested;
    only patches of woodland remain, however, interspersed with grassy meadows.”

  8. +G Man the next time you utter my name, I hope it’s accompanied with a
    response to the comment I’ve been waiting for you to respond to by +
    Leonakaboa, since we had our conversation with +Suicideforcelluloid as
    moderator, which you told me you were going to respond to at the end of

  9. +G Man, the statement “Scripture is profitable” does in no way, shape or
    form answer the question “where in the bible does it say that there are 66
    books in of scripture?” So, much like scripture is profitable for those who
    faithfully abide by it, it would be profitable for you to actually pay
    attention to the questions being asked so you don’t make a fool of

  10. *face-palm* There’s got to be a reason that the planets are named after
    mythological gods. More evidence of the poor education in this country.

  11. +Wolf King king I don’t know how you can sit there and let these fundies
    get away with the most asanine points and you say little to nothing about
    it. I wish I got invites to these. 

  12. Gman is one of the poorest examples of a Christian with his display in this
    hangout. Secondly without the Catholic beginnings, his bible wouldn’t

  13. Nadia keeps trying to make the point that people are being killed for being
    transgendered. It is happening all the time. She is trying to bring
    awareness to this terrifying reality.

  14. Jesus sheep are the church not the physical buildings.
    There is alot of deception in the catholic church.

  15. wow epicurus’ arrogance is astounding. I have college degrees in history
    and anthropology, and I too have studied christian history, not to mention
    I’ve spent years studying the bible cover to cover, so I can say with some
    small measure of authority that he is DEAD WRONG. 

  16. I think there is a way to address people and G-man is way out of line and
    there is a time and a place . Eph (4:2 Always be humble and gentle. Be
    patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because
    of your love.)

  17. 1 Peter 3:15
    but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to
    make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in
    you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,) Gman is out of control and
    not following the scripture .

  18. This conversation will go nowhere…Everyone is listening to respond,
    nobody is active listening…It sounds like people arguing with a stop
    sign on both sides.

  19. “Average” coverage of the earth by sediments is meaningless. Nephy doesn’t
    understand the word “average.”

  20. Col 3:12 (Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe
    yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

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