Goober John Hagee: “Atheism Has Never Healed A Disease” – And Religion Has? – VIDEO




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Why do they hate us?

Hal Barbour

If this guy is not a fool, and the people who use reason and logic,
compassion as a guiding position then I will gladly step to the fool side
of the room, if this guy is what unfoolish people look like then the fool
side will have a lot more room!


Wow — this might hold a record for false/inaccurate statements in a video.

“It’s something intellectual people do…” I don’t think Hagee knows any
intellectual people.


Hagee is very worried about atheism, why is that I wonder? No one to pay
him to listen to his bullshit, perhaps?
He hasn’t heard of Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, or Frank
Lloyd Wright, I guess.
How about all the scientist that have made discoveries that save life such
as atheist George Washington Crile first surgeon to have succeeded in a
direct blood transfusion.
If it was up to Hagee, blood letting would still be used to rid the body of
evil spirits!


Atheism hasn’t healed a disease, but neither has Christianity. On the other
hand, science has. And science pretty much says everything he is spewing is


This is patently false. The NAS are the elite of the scientific community
and 93 percent are non believers so statistically speaking many atheist who
work in the medical field have healed and even CURED many diseases via
inoculations,antibiotics and other methods. of science. One thing that
cannot ever be cured is fucking stupidity coming from this bloated bag of
noxious fumes.

Nicholas Reeves

Apparently Hagee has never heard of this thing called medicine that heals
disease, or friends and family that dispel fear and dries tears, or science
that helps explain the universe.

The Deviancy Cabal

You’re right, Hogee. Atheism hasn’t done any of those things. Of course,
neither has religion, dipshit. All those things you mentioned were done by
*PEOPLE*, not a belief structure.


“They start hugging trees; they start staring into crystals; joining cults;
running into the woods ripping off their shirts; braying at the moon.” It’s
sad that you can’t be bothered to understand the atheist position but you
will talk about it. So you are insincere or deceptive.


god never healed, painted or dried a tear so Atheists and Jesus/god are
even. Any more insane nonsense you need to share or is that it? Keep making
that money off the stupid and foolish.


God, atheists nor any religion/belief has treated or healed a disease, it’s
the scientists and researchers who help find a ways to help treat illnesses
and the doctors who take care of people who are ill.

Sure, quite a few great minds were atheists but there’s also many other
great minds who believe in a religion too.

Being religious has nothing to do with compassion, it’s the person
themselves who decide to help someone who’s feeling sad or has a problem.

We are not all airheads, we are not all fools.

blunt rapture

He knows NOTHING about atheism. He hasn’t the slightest idea of anything in
the universe except his soul-crushing, mind-warping delusion. All of which
seems to have resulted in an unhealthy, unhappy, bitter busybody.

Steven Jeffreys

Atheism has also never reasoned about any of these cults which is Religion.
Also, Staring into crystals, hugging trees, and joining cults are all
Only a fool believes in Religion which is a cult of mythology.


What the fuck is he talking about? Who ever said that atheism cures
diseases? Atheism is simply a position over whether a god exists or not.
Scientists, who are made up of both theists and atheists, are the ones who
use find cures for diseases.

Cami Giulietti

The Bible says that if you call someone a fool you risk going to Hell and
he just called tons of people fools so I guess he’s going to Hell (if it
was real which it isn’t since the Earth isn’t hollow). Besides 88 percent
of scientists don’t believe in God and Stephen Hawking is one of them. Go
on On Demand and watch the newest episodes of Through the Wormhole for his
amazing theories about how the universe can and does come from nothing.


Atheists believe in the power of science. In 200 years, Science has
lengthened the average life expectancy from 35 to 77 years in and in the
developed world reduced infant mortality from one in three to one in a
thousand in the Developed world. Religion has never done anything compable
as far as healing is concerned.


First, the Bible is a book filled with lies and problems.
Second, quoting the Bible doesn’t work like some sort of Jedi mind trick or
Third, who are you trying to convince with all this?
And for the last damn time… can’t say something in your heart, your
heart pumps blood.

Here’s a list of atheists who, at the very least, have made a contribution.

holmes deville

Atheists somehow with no real organization/church have somehow taken
over?Meanwhile religion with its vast network of churches,charity
services,non-profit groups(political) , schools etc. somehow can’t
compete.Bitch and moan Hagee that will fix it.

Damn right. I can’t get a decent night’s sleep any more for the annoying sound of atheist intellectuals baying at the moon.

Nimrod the Hunter

So let us take a moment to discern the spirits and look at some examples of
what Christianity has contributed to the world.
Siege of Jerusalem 1099 10,000 women & children killed in the temple
Albigensian Crusade, Entire Cathar population *Exterminated*
Reconquista of Iberian peninsula, the Alhambra decree and the Inquisition.
Genocide of native populations of the New World.
Even now Christians are acting to prevent healthcare initiatives in Africa
distributing condoms to try to prevent the spread of AIDS.


Bullshit. Nothing has given me more peace then knowing Im not going to
hell, because there isnt one. I cried weekly as a believer, knowing nothing
I could do could keep me from going to damnation because I could not bring
myself to follow Christ the ‘correct’ way.

Bill Britt

When did faith cure disease? Also, if atheists aren’t gullible enough to
believe in God (or any god, for that matter) then why would it makes sense
that they’d just go ahead and believe in anything supernatural? The whole
point of atheism is to trust (not have faith) in science and ignore
doctrine based on theories with little to no evidence.


Did you know atheism never wiped away a tear? I never tried using it for
that, atheism is totally useless as a table napkin as well. And don’t
expect atheism to walk your dog or rake leaves, either. Useless Atheism.

Cade Daniel

When he started talking about running naked into the woods like a crazy
person, I pictured Christians at Church rolling around on the floor,
screaming and speaking in tongues. haven’t seen it? There are surely videos
on the net somewhere. It’s truly scary.


Umm, if you wanted to know what atheists thought, you could ask them. Or,
you can just make up imaginary atheists in your head, and argue with them.
As for this enormous sack of hyperbolic, inflammatory ignorance – only
followers can take him seriously.

Cade Daniel

What annoys me is, if you’re an Atheist, you’re going to start hearing
these points from Christians in arguments. As if what this man has said is
somehow clever and sensible.


The FOOL in his heart has said “I thank I’ll have me a third helpin’ of
them mashed putaters and sum punkin pie!”