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Tally R

I need to get myself out of this state…. Facepalm.

Kenneth Samuels

Emma Thompson and/or Julie Andrews….. so yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah… I know I
know but I totally would though… it’s mary poppins bro!
I don’t think they believe in creationism but even if they did,,,

YEAH I KNOOOOOWWW… but it is mary poppins bro.

Douglas Robinson

And everyone else will think for you, you know, since you can’t.


sure it is.


And you have my pity.

nose clippings

You poor soul. I’ll pray for you.

Das Haifisch

You, a devoted Christian, are an asshole. You act exactly like teenage
girls in college that think Athiests are stupid. You are a close-minded
fucktard. If I am not mistaken, as Christians you are tought to respect
other religions, not make fun of them. “You’ll be forever burning in Hell
while I, the devoted Christian, will be relaxing in Heaven with the big G,”
proves this. You don’t aknowledge that he is a person aswell, and has
seperate beliefs. So, in your words, go burn in hell forever.

Das Haifisch

I agree with what mannnis is trying to say. He is saying exactly what you
said in that comment, you don’t know if there is a god. Christianity and
most religions are “Faiths”. You have less concrete fact that god exists
than athiests have that he doesn’t.


People are making a big deal out of it because ONE of us is LYING TO OUR
CHILDREN. We’d like to hash this thing out. We have a mountain of peer
reviewed, repeatedly tested and verified data that both supports evolution
and disproves most of what creationists claim (flood, magic appearance of
species, age of the earth, etc.) If you’re referring to what you see as an
Evolutionist’s “faith” in science, you’re wrong. We’re humble about
answers, and wonder why creationists AREN’T.


in a way evaluation has become a religion of its own (all be it, one that
is diffrent from others). why are people making a big deal over this? it
dosn’t seem right to me. and im very sorry to say that i lost allot of
respect for Joe and Elliot for the way that they handled this story. i am
christian and the way that they talk about this subject seems very
derogatory tords me and people who believe in god. (or any other religion)


Please stop spreading your stupidity. No one cares!


Good for texas

Alex van gool

Shirley Maclaine!! and Michelle Pfeiffer!!






I’m going to guess Texas. Possibly Tennessee though.


What I’m saying is that on a completely philosophical level you can’t know
ANYTHING. So saying that I don’t know that god doesn’t exist is useless.

nose clippings

You seem pretty set on your ways. It’s a damn shame you’re completely
wrong. You can call me stupid all you want but it will be I who will be
laughing in the end. You’ll be forever burning in Hell while I, the devoted
Christian, will be relaxing in Heaven with the big G.


Well though we have grown weaker, that doesn’t mean we aren’t suited for
survival. Humans have the brain power and the ability to cooperate to
overcome nearly any situation with whatever tools they have available. And
a creatures sexual urge is fueled by their surroundings, if a creature has
no threat to their health and has a plethora of food, they have no need to
drive themselves to reproduce, this is why the panda is extinct in nature.
And I doubt”keeping the Sabbath holy”can be policed.


You do understand that they are the same, correct? Creationism is God
creating all the creatures at the same time. And Intelligent Design is God
creating the ancestors for all the different “kinds” at the same time.


Well its not that an entity can’t be of the universe, but it clearly isn’t
the biblical rendition of God whom is this entity.


Anal pussy?


/ This is a common arrogant and stupid christian (Christist-ignoramus).
Their species would rather stick to ridiculous myths than actually think
critically about the universe. They say something, then refute themselfs.
This is a particular breed of christian that is incredibly stupid, and
would not survive in a classroom for more than 10 minutes. They provide a
source of cheap entertainment for those who know what they’re talking

nose clippings

I don’t believe in magic. I believe in Jesus Christ. He’s not a
magician/wizard, He is a God. Heaven is real but you won’t ever know that
because you’re never going there. You’re going to Hell for eternity because
you’re too ignorant and completely full of yourself to make it to Heaven.


This is coming from the guy who thinks that magic is the answer to anything
that you don’t understand. You don’t get to say that other people are
retarded when you can’t figure out that there’s no such thing as magic men
sitting on clouds.

Joey Dan

i don’t believe in Evolution but i do believe in Microevolution. I have
always found it funny that everything around us evolved into something more
stronger and well fitted for Surviving Nature but we humans evolved into
something more weaker We are not fitted for all of nature Without
technology we are nothing Not to mention we lost about 90% of our sexual
urges Other primates can have sex 20 times a day, we cant Why did we
decrease over millions of years? BTW biblical laws can be use today

nose clippings

Quit posting nonsense. It makes you look retarded.

Charlie Hansbury

It’s gonna be Texas isn’t it


And you don’t know that flying pink monkies don’t fuck anal pussies on top
of the Empire State building every 3rd monday of the month.


I would rather have Intelligent Design than Creationism, the difference
being that Intelligent Design does comes from scientific observation rather
than coming from holy scriptures.

RT @holesinthefoam: Goobers Want #Creationism In Every Science Textbook! … – http://t.co/yT3wNVM84x #Atheism #Evolution #GuessWhichState …


Gotta watch! 😛