The less the GOP is willing to do, the lower their approval ratings go. Blame Obama!


GOP Congress Working Very Hard –  At Projecting Their Inaction On The President

John Boehner

The Republican House will never attempt to pass immigration reform. After the President asked Congress to actually do something, they turn around and accuse the president of being as inactive as they are. Thursday’s ridiculous rant by House Speaker John Boehner, was as baseless as ever, exclaiming,

“He has been President for five and a half years, when is he going to take responsibility for something?”

No one is sure what he means by “take responsibility” in this case. Is merely showing up at our overstressed border with Mexico qualify as responsible behavior? Apparently it is, because Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx), just yesterday, accused the President of inaction on this matter. Cornyn claimed,

“The president should see what we saw and then he would perhaps reconsider his decision not to do anything to solve the problem.”

Ironically, it was the same Senator Cornyn who critiqued the president for setting up a photo op at the El Paso, Tx border. Kevin McLaughlin, a Cornyn spokesman said just days before the president’s 2011 speech at the border,

“What Senator Cornyn is looking for, President Obama cannot deliver with another speech or photo op, and that’s presidential leadership. Words matter little when there is no action.”

So it’s a Catch 22 for the executive branch: damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The President, on advisement from his Secretary of Homeland Security, requested $3.7 billion in funding to process the heavy load of impoverished child refugees. While ignoring this request, the GOP keeps parroting the “he isn’t securing the border” theme. In reality, the apprehension rate shows the border is plenty secure, but the real issue here is how do we deal with the massive influx of unaccompanied children?


Ironically, the Republicans refuse to even vote on the matter. Do Republicans want the President to grab a gun and aim it at migrant children? If he did, they’d immediately turn around and call him a bully dictator. It’s all theater. Tea Party Republicans, in order to rally their base, have barraged the President with less-than-subtle racist barbs. With the help of some of my progressives friends on Twitter, I compiled this list:

•Food Stamp President
•Welfare President
•Imperial President
•Entitlement President
•Hip Hop Barbecue Throwing
•Chicago-Style Politics
•Socialist Kenyan
•Subhuman Mongrel (thanks, Ted Nugent)

It’s unfortunate for the desperate refugees that we are dealing with a Congress who is focused on making the Obama Administration as unsuccessful and unpopular as they are.



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