This little exchange on Meet The Press epitomizes the degree of batshit denial that is happening at the GOP… – VIDEO


GOP Consultant Tells Black Reporter She Wants To Choke Him For Calling Out Republican Racism (VIDEO)

Yes, this actually happened.

During a panel discussion on Meet The Press on Sunday, Detroit Free Press reporter Stephen Henderson explained how Republicans are not believable when they try to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s racist hate speech because they have been doing it for decades in coded language and through the policies they push.

There’s also a substantive credibility problem here,” Henderson said.

“I mean, you have Republicans saying, ‘Trump is not one of us.’ And yet, a lot of the things that he’s saying are said in coded language by other Republicans. I wrote a column last week about Paul Ryan, for instance, saying, “This is not a party that preys on people’s prejudices. And yet, you can think of lots of examples of Republicans doing exactly that, going back to Ronald Reagan, giving a states’ rights speech in Neshoba County, Mississippi, in 1980. This goes on all the time in coded ways. Trump is saying some of these things more explicitly. And that makes them, you know, it makes you uncomfortable too–“

And that made the old conservative white lady next to Henderson angry, so she expressed her desire to choke him because how dare he call out Republicans for being racist, and what about all those poor white supremacists who people unfairly refer to as bigots?

“No, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable, it just makes me want to choke you because it’s ridiculous and it’s the creation of Trump,” said former Reagan and George W. Bush consultant Mary Matalin.

“Because conservatives do not consider themselves bigots or homophobes or misogynists, okay? What Cruz won at CPAC, and he won overwhelmingly, he is expanding the electorate by bringing like-minded libertarians, young people. Trump is expanding the electorate by getting people who are sick of being called bigots, because they want to secure the border. This is not a race race, okay? Let’s not go there.”

Let that sink in for a second. Matalin actually expects us to believe that conservatives are not the racist, sexist homophobes that we all see them as – even though they have persecuted gays with anti-gay laws and hateful rhetoric, persecuted women with draconian laws meant to take away a woman’s right to make decisions about their own reproductive health along with denying women pay equality, and have made it quite clear that they hate black people due to the way they have treated the first black president over the last seven years. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Henderson laughed at Matalin’s desire to choke him, however, it didn’t sound like she was joking. But he responded anyway, in disagreement, of course.

“I think it is. I mean, I think there’s no question that what he is doing is appealing to race. And Republicans have done that for a long time.”

Here’s the video via Crooks and Liars.

I’m sure the Republican Party is pleased that at least one of their pawns is still brainwashed enough to believe that conservatives are somehow a diverse lot who care about the plight of women, minorities, and gay people even though the GOP has done nothing to help any of these groups. All they have done is attack them in an effort to take away their rights, and if they had their way, Henderson wouldn’t be allowed to speak unless a white person gave him permission to do so.


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