Gore Vidal… a look at a true renaissance man.


After hearing the sad news that yet another one of my literary heroes has left us, I had to sit back for a moment and think of just a few of the countless times that this amazing writer, poet, activist, and man of the world has left a mark on me. Maybe it was his fearlessness of the elite. Maybe it was his seemingly natural ability to interact with greatness on so many levels, while achieving it on his own. Maybe it was his total non-interest in conforming, or following protocols, traditions, and whatever else was imposed on him by his family ties. He just did his thing, and didn’t give a fuck what people thought about it. Here’s a guy who just did it all, and without a hint of mediocrity.

I just watched this interview of his on Al Jazeera (one of his last), and couldn’t help but laugh and remain in awe. He clearly kept his sarcasm, fearlessness, relentless wit, and humor intact. To the very end.

Don’t miss his very last line. Classic Vidal.


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