Great points about Brexit by Maajid Nawaz…


Maajid Nawaz won praise from LBC listeners for this Brexit analogy in which he compared Britain’s departure from the EU to a taxi driver not knowing the destination of his passengers.

The LBC presenter made the comparison after Jeremy Corbyn tabled a motion of no confidence in Theresa May.

It’s after the Prime Minister delayed a “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal until the new year.

The Labour leader said the PM had led the UK into a “national crisis”, but Downing Street accused Mr Corbyn of playing “silly political games”.
Mrs May has also dismissed growing calls from MPs to hold another referendum in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

But, Maajid used his taxi analogy to explain why he thinks we need one.

In his hypothetical monologue he cited a family going on holiday but refusing to tell the driver which airport to Brexiteers not explaining how they want to leave the EU.

It won praise from LBC listeners, with one tweeting: “Maajid’s taxi analogy is PERFECT! Who’s paying the fare? Will Cabby May be expecting a tip? How about “Nice try but it’s time to Leave politics””



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James Denny

A very simple analogy and far too complex for the average brexiteer who sympathises with the dad yelling "leeeeeaaaave"

Marko Henry

So the family got in the Taxi and told the driver where to go but he took them somewhere completely different to where he promised and was contracted to take them. That is exactly what happened when we joined the Common Market as it was known back in 1975 we agreed to join a free trade block that is not what the EU is now it has morphed into a United States of Europe governed by Brussels so we have decided to return to where we were before we got into the Taxi.

Marko Henry

What a fucking load of Bollocks he talks. I watched and listened until 0.52 into it that gave me enough idea of the SHIT he was spewing and did not listen to any more.

saiga shotgun

Why is everybody putting Norway model on the table when Norway doesn´t want the Norway model? LOL


We wanted to leave and have all the EU countries give us what we had as an EU member without any strings attached, nor having to support the various EU programmes with our money, nor have any johnny foreigners coming into our country, and of course our own blue passport. Also to trade with the worlds countries we are all trading with already but in a different way ?

john canning

after reading the comments here i have to wonder, just who are the fools because it is this sanctimonious, condescending and elitist attitudes that ha ve got us in this position in the first place, you all have learnt nothing from the last two years, yes take the fare back home and carry on as normal, that is exactly what the sleazy powers that be want, just who are the blind fools


Leave means leave!
The family will buy a ticket to where ever from the airport?
Is it so hard to understand…
Leave means LEAVE

Mark Blackmore

This is precisely why “no deal” isn’t written down. And because it isn’t written down it cannot happen. Parliament only enacts on written material. The biggest Brexit lie is the last one…. it is this: “a no-deal Brexit is possible”.

Spiritual Anarchist

LOL great one…

Mike Jones

Always sort out the money up front when you have idiots in your cab or make sure they can't just do a runner .

Lester Falcon

"Stop trying to divert the will of this taxi!"


Just tell thick brexi-tards we have left and carry on as normal they won't know the difference.

gary dunn

voted to leave the eu! thats what people voted for and they would have told the taxi driver that…absolute twaddle.

kaptain kopter

Drive them around, leave them back exactly where they were and charge them a packet. This is what's actually happening.

Hansie's Ma

Brexit Analogy for Dummies. [Dummies don't bother it's too complicated.]

Alan B'Stard M P

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Kevin Breslin

Just dump them back at the house.