Hello, and very nice to meet you. I briefly describe a lifetime in my bio, so have a look there to get some background on me if you like. I’m new here, so expect me to find my feet slowly. I would also ask you to always remember the adage about opinions and assholes. Comments and debates are always welcome; I like a good argument, and as a result in return you can expect plenty of virtual passive aggression.

We live in a nonsensical world, full of contradiction and ridiculousness, so expect nothing else from me. I intend to change my opinion, to say it how I see it, and as Tony has left me no instructions on how to make this toy, I will go out of my way to be structure less. I am an English teacher with poor grasp of grammar and punctuation. I will ramble, tumble and fall many times. I hope you are here to see it all unfold.

These days I live in Mexico City, lured by adventure and love, and I have slowly bedded my white Irish ass in to this fascinating and confusing megatropolis. Like everywhere, corruption, greed and irresponsibility are rampant, and I walk the streets an alien, experiencing the glare and attention that an outsider can expect. It’s normal. I’ve been all around the world, and experience this sensation even when I fit in colour wise. I think they’re onto me. They smell the incredulity.

In the past year I’ve seen the impact of the War on Drugs Trademark the United States of America. I’ve seen the deaths caused by American made arms. I’ve seen the results of the US & European citizen drug habit. I watched a stooge being bought into power, like in most countries, and wonder why so many get pumped up when again we are obviously lied to. I’ve seen a real leader, defiant and literate, walk tall with real promise. I watched (as in 2006) Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador be defeated by the power of the media. I have heard scared locals fearing change that is so obviously necessary. I have been ashamed by the apathy, frightened by the power of the media, appalled by the lies, the damned lies.

So what do we do? How often do you read an article complaining and going round and round in circles, highlighting everything that’s wrong but offering nothing but more noise? I’m not promising anything. I don’t pretend I have any answer. I can only say that change begins at home. My only point I can make and repeat is that all of this mess began somewhere, in some discontent, in some personal issue that spread like a virus.

We all are fucked up. We are all the living insane, high on some sort of goofballs, ideology, creed or faith. I myself have tried several thousand of these things. The common denominator is the human aspect. So I write calmly to you dear reader; accept your madness, accept that where you are has a lot to do with your own crazy choices; accept your own repressions, guilts and pasts.

These days I’m trying to take more responsibility for what has happened and what happens to me. It would be great to be like this all the time but I often falter. Looking round the world and seeing our father figure governments play pass the parcel of accountability it is no wonder we as individuals have our moments of denial. I arrived back to Ireland a few days ago, and am both surprised and exasperated to see nothing much has changed.

We still live in fear. We refuse to hit the streets, to hound the lying government out of office, to rise up and burn the bondholders and the banks and hold to account the bastards who flipped our once mighty beef burger economy into a barren, desolate boireann of yore. The power lies with the IMF and the ECB, others, responsibility and testicles passed to the man in a suit who speaks in riddles without emotion or poetry. It’s enough to drive another mad soul to religion.

But what good will words do? Livings are made with this nonsense. Life would be better for me if I were to stop this tapping and close the screen and go for a walk. At least nature doesn’t lie. I want to break free, to listen to the birdsong, to let the winds take me, to harness the power of the energy all round us, and unite humanity in a brilliant moment of insight, the insight that will bring us all forward, shouting and singing in the 21st century.

That perhaps is for another day. For now I write you guys to say hello, to make a connection, to stroke my ego, and yours. Happily my heart is beating and my lungs are filling, and the possibility remains within. We can all tap into it, I’m sure. Just please, por favor, be honest with yourself, and with me. We are all human, and thank fuck for that.





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