Greta Christina addresses the question: Why are Atheists so Angry? – VIDEO





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“the bible explains evil, morality and hierocrats, love and good.”
The bible might ‘explain’ it but it does an appalling bad job of it in my opinion. The bible is contradictory, inconsistent, ambiguous and unreliable. An extremely poor source of useful information.

Julie Paterson

And what is your evidence for all this belief? Evil exists because people do not think through the consequences of their actions, or simply don’t care, even when they believe in gods. Example – the child-raping cathoilc priests. True morality does not come from a hand-me-down moral code written 2000 years ago by uneducated iron age peasants. It comes from wanting what is good for people’s well-being, from knowing right from wrong, and from understanding the consequences of your own actions.

Elena Schmitt

Will she is wrong because Atheist hast to explain another reason for Evil, and morality. Religion is mad made rules to tell people what to believe and what not to. There is only one God and that is the Christian God, and only one religion that explains everything, the bible explains evil, morality and hierocrats, love and good. All the evil things aren’t from God, its from Satan who controls this world. If you take God out you get evil, put God in you get hope, love, justice, forgiveness.

Elena Schmitt

God said that A fool said in his heart their is no God, There is a God and He will judge the living and the dead. We are all sinners but we are saved by Jesus Christ. There is a Hell but you choose to go there because you don’t want God, so why would you want to spend internity with someone who don’t even believe, Hell is to scare you so you now that their is a God who saves. It like warning about running in to the street, and if you don’t tell them about it, they will… Read more »


same reason people pay for football or basketball they are just plain stupid


Every time she looks at her notes its as if she smelled something bad or has to sneeze !!!

Julie Paterson

Don’t watch it then if you dislike her so much.  I have seen other videos of her, and she is very entertaining. These sorts of people are what are needed to counter religion, and all it’s evils.


no — they pay to go to atheist conventions to be among atheists for a change.
nobody wants to hear her babbling, not even for free: this video has 300 views and it’s up since approximately two months. she’s mind-numbing. listen to her entire video and try to remember what she was saying. it’s white noise.
it takes her 10 minutes to say that the atheist movement has become more visible. (and vocal. and organised. and activist. and less apologist… STOP IT! Aaargh!)
she likes her voice too much.

Julie Paterson

Because she is right.


Preach it sister!!! LOL


Fantastic! That speech…. Pretty much sums it all up. Thank you!


Loved her book, and I couldn’t agree with her more.


she’s unbearable… why do people pay money to see her?